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Lori Woodward shares the importance of keeping the faith throughout your art career.

Of Fear and Faith

When you're flying high, keep in mind that things can change, and when you're feeling low, keep the faith. [...]

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Lori Woodward demonstrates the difference light vs shadows can make when painting tree foliage

Painting Tree Foliage: Light and Shadow

Without light, we just can't see much - no shape, no color. There is less light in the shadow, so we see fewer detail and color in those shadows. [...]

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Lori Woodward shares a painting tool that can guide the viewer to different areas of your painting.

Setting The Stage With A Dark Foreground

This tool, "the door jamb" causes the viewer to gaze around or over the area at the side or bottom of the painting and into lighter elements in the distance. [...]

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Lori Woodward shares points on how to paint in midday

Painting in the Midday Sun

Glare and strong light causes the eye pupils to contract, making it difficult to see details in shadows [...]

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Lori Woodward demonstrates how warm light makes cooler shadows, using paintings by Michael Godfrey & Lisa Mitchell

Warm Light Makes Cooler Shadows

Before I studied with Richard Schmid, I understood how to use color and value in my landscapes, but in a less scientific way than I do now. I knew that shadows are darker than the sunlit objects, and I even knew that the reflected light in the shadows was always darker than anything in the light. [...]

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Lori Woodward discusses how to charter your own art career.

Charting Your Artistic Course

Like it or not, if your work can be recognized as "Your Work", you'll have an easier time attracting an audience for it. [...]

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Lori Woodward's discusses the power of the "red dot" at an art show.

The Psychology of SOLD

Sales really do beget Sales. [...]

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Lori Woodward's discusses how to build your skill set by narrowing your focus.

For Love and Money

What if I could make just as much, or more money painting the subject matter that truly motivates me? Since it is a given that in order to attract a collector clan, I'll need an easily defined, connected body of work with a unique style, why not make that body of work something that I'll never tire of? [...]

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Lori Woodward shares the value of always being a student...

Adding Value to Your Artwork

Never settle... as soon as you think you've learned everything there is to know about making fine art, your work is in trouble. [...]

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Lori Woodward discusses the importance of Marketing your own Art.

Marketing Art Is a Do-it-Yourself Job, Like it or Not

We artists can no longer depend on someone else to do our "fishing" for us. If we don't know how to effectively market our work, our careers may not survive. [...]

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In this second article, Lori Woodward demonstrates how she uses lines in her art work.

Simplify Landscape Painting Using Straight Lines

This is part two on using straight lines to block in subjects in the drawing stage of a painting. [...]

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Lori Woodward shares a lesson from studying with Richard Schmid

Simplify Drawing Using Straight Lines on Rounded Objects

Try drawing your rounded objects with angular straight lines... I think you'll find that it makes drawing a lot easier. [...]

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Lori Woodward's discusses the importance of mastery before marketing.

Just Starting Out? Forget The Business Plan - Develop Your Style

I discovered that developing an elaborate business plan, while it was fun, was also a waste of my time and energy. Why is that?... [...]

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The True Focus of Art Marketing

A detailed understanding of the various levels and types of art collectors helps gallerists and artists know where and how to reach potential buyers. [...]

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A Tsunami of Change

It is absolutely true that more art is being sold today, world-wide than in any time in history. I believe that consumers buy more stuff of every sort today than in the past because they can shop from their couch. [...]

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Adventures With Instagram: Search Shortcuts

One of the aspects I love most about using Instagram - I can experiment with types of images and quickly take note of how well my work connects to my followers. [...]

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Adventures With Instagram: Become Hashtag Detectives

With just an hour a day on Instagram, Iím gaining new followers daily, many who are seeing my artwork for the first time. [...]

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Adventures With Instagram: Designing Your Profile Page

Donít ruin the experience for them by presenting your work as though it is manufactured and sold as a commodity. Present yourself and what you make in an intriguing way. [...]

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Use Instagram With Your Personal Computer

I suspect that in the future, the makers of Instagram will see fit to make the app fully usable from personal computers. [...]

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How Instagram Works

If we artists are to entice and create a new generation of art collectors, we will do best if we meet these folks where they already live (and post). [...]

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Gain New Collectors With Instagram

Itís been easier to find and target groups who are interested in the things that I paint with the Instagram platform. [...]

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Your Art Business Is Personal

Today, running a business is more personal than ever - Especially when your interests and art resonate with like-minded folks [...]

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Good Etiquette For Workshop Students

Essentially, you're there to listen, learn and make art... not to impress anyone. [...]

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Which Sales Venue Is Your Emotional Fit?

There are basically two kinds of artists when it comes to sales venues: Those who prefer to follow the well-trodden path that others have paved, and those who prefer to blaze their own trail. [...]

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Crafting Your Authentic Story

Your website is your personal representative who speaks 24/7 to an unlimited audience on your behalf. [...]

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Is Blogging Necessary For Artists?

Blogging is a chance to show people who you are in real time. [...]

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Optimizing Your Home Page For Engagement

Simply posting work online without providing a compelling reason for collectors to buy will not likely procure a sale [...]

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Building a Following With Your Artist Website

The artistís presence makes the experience of buying art more memorable. [...]

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Itís OUR Turn To Be Ourselves

Most important, I need to stay true to myself where my art is concerned. Iíll strive to create the best work I possibly can, in a way that satisfies my own taste. [...]

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Advantages of Selling From Your Own Website

Self-promotion is essential to growing a following these days. There is no magic single recipe for marketing. [...]

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How Sketches Improve Your Landscapes

It's not uncommon for me to paint parts of the same scene several times before settling on a final composition for a larger work. [...]

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Painting Luminous Skies

We artists never really stop learning - our nature is to keenly observe life around us, color, shadow and "the way things look". [...]

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My Success Story

I enjoy learning from those who know vastly more than I do, and finally, I constantly work at improving both my artwork and my writing skills. None of it is easy; none of it is quick, but itís been an exciting ride and Iím grateful. [...]

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Passive Income Models That Pay You Back

When we artists try to navigate all the new ways to market work - with social media postings, website sales, blogs and newsletters, itís nearly impossible to focus on the business of actually creating our art. [...]

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Advantages of Passive Income For Artists

Simplify Your Marketing Efforts [...]

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Wisdom With Dependability - Artist John Horejs

It's still imperative that artists use quality materials so that their creations will stand the test of time. John Horejs is a perfect example of one artist who has successfully walked the line between offering quality work while practicing frugality. [...]

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Who Buys Your Art And Why - Do You Know?

Who Buys Your Work or Who Is Likely To? [...]

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Move Them Away from the Crowd

When viewers move to my website, I gain a bigger chance of standing out from the crowd - because I'm no longer in the crowd. It's just me and them, where we can form a relationship and a one-on-one conversation about my work. [...]

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Commissions - Are They Right For you?

While commissions can be lucrative, they're not always as joyful as painting for yourself. So whether you take them on or not, depends on what types of work you're capable of, and how much tolerance you have for letting clients direct the content of your artwork. [...]

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Your Time Is of The Essence

Know who you are, and know why people buy your art - that's the true essence of marketing. [...]

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