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Kim VanDerHoek shares "Why Artists Should be Using Instagram to Share Their Artwork"

Why Arenít You Marketing Your Art On Instagram? Why Artists Should be Using Instagram to Share Their Artwork

Before you write off Instagram let me ask you this, how often have you logged onto Facebook and been frustrated by all the junky, time-devouring, click-bait content you see there? How often have you thought, ďWhereís the art? [...]

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Kim VanDerHoek shares some valuable tips, when you don't know what to do next in your painting

What To Do When You Donít Know What To Do Next - In Your Painting

There comes a point in every painting when you donít know what to do next. You feel your painting isnít finished, not by a long shot, but, you donít know exactly what it needs in order for it to be complete. The answer is often within the painting itself and if you listen carefully it will tell you what it needs. [...]

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How To Breakup With Your Photo Reference

Remember, no one will see the reference you used when they view your painting. So get creative, don't be a slave to your reference, that's your job as an artist, to push beyond what is in front of you. Besides, you might be surprised by the results. [...]

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Does Drawing Matter in a Loose Painting?

When teaching I've been asked if a painter can hide the fact that they can't draw, if they paint really loosely... [...]

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10 Tips for Fearless Painting

So many aspects of painting are about control because we artists are trying really hard to create a decent painting. Control is difficult to let go of. [...]

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Why Failure is the Best Teacher

So, the next time you've spent hours working on a piece and find you hate every square inch of it, take a break, eat something and then see how far you can push it and what that painting will teach you. [...]

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