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Keith Bond shares how excuses can lead to missed opportunities

Excuses are the Enemy of Opportunity

What excuses do you struggle with most? What fears do you have? What excuses were you able to overcome and what successes came from that? [...]

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Keith Bond shares the importance of letting your natural style emerge in your art

Develop Your Personal Style

This holds true with your art. You can focus on the techniques to the point that you can mimic any style. But when you focus instead on content or expression you will revert to your own personal style. And your natural style is more likely to emerge when you are in the zone... So, in short, don’t worry about forcing a style. It will come naturally as long as you don’t hinder it by failing to learn and grow as an artist. [...]

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Don't miss Keith Bond's follow up article on focusing on others

Stop Worrying About Yourself -- Focus on Others (Part 2)

Regardless of the art you create, you need to understand who your collectors are and why. The question to ask is: how will their world or their life be better and more enriched with your art? Understand your collectors. Understand why and how they respond to your art. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses how focusing on the needs of others, will help your art.

Stop Worrying About Yourself - Focus on Others (Part 1)

Stop worrying about yourself and focus on the needs of your clients. [...]

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Ketih Bond shares his thoughts on original creations

The Spirit Within Your Art

An original creation emanates something from within that is felt. Not by your fingers, but within you. Felt by your spirit. I don’t know how or why, but somehow, through the hands of labor and through the labor of love, you imbue within your artistic creation a portion of you. Not your physical self, but in a way part of your spirit self. [...]

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Keith Bond shares the importance of painting only what communicates with you.

The Missing Information

Regardless of your style, tight or loose, bold or delicate, put in only what communicates what you want and leave all else out. This will allow the viewer to fill in the missing information in a way that is unique and personal. [...]

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Keith Bond shares the importance of replenishing your creativity.

Refilling the Well

You must refill the well if you wish to access it again....Much of the refilling occurs naturally for artistic and creative types. [...]

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Don't miss Keith Bond's follow up article on workshops.

Workshops -- Should You Organize Your Own?

On the other hand, if you have the skills to handle the logistics and are willing to do the work, you could earn all the profits - 100%. Yes, you will incur expenses you otherwise wouldn’t. If you begin local - preferably in your own studio - you can minimize many of those expenses. If you have a decent mailing list already, then advertising can be minimal as well. Play with the math and see what the projected expenses and profits are. Look at best and worst case scenarios. Then decide for yourself which route you want to go. [...]

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To Teach or Not To Teach

Some of you teach art workshops or classes. Some of you don’t. And some of you are considering it. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses the importance of practice, study, and discipline

Practice Your Art

Neither musicians nor athletes perform without a lot of practice. In most cases more time is spent practicing than performing. Yet, many visual artists think that once they reach the professional level, they no longer need practice. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses the benefits of building up other artists

Good Karma

And I find that there is good karma when you talk up another artist’s work and help collectors decide to purchase it. It usually comes back around in one way or another. It isn’t always right away. But it does come back around. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses the importance of how to strive for style naturally

Strive to Not Have a Style

According to him, it is critical to develop a personal style, but it is equally critical that it isn’t forced. Experimentation and exploration of a variety of styles, media, motifs, etc. are important. In the process, a personal style will eventually emerge. Let it emerge, don’t resist it. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses how spending time on a regular basis on any task can be much more effective

Weed the Garden

In your art business, there are many weeds that are preventing you from being your most productive. Spending time on a regular basis to keep them in check will do far more than a less frequent weeding blitz. [...]

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Keith Bond shares the importance of investing in yourself as an entrepreneur.

Invest in Yourself

If I want to grow my business and connect with more collectors, it is worth it to me to continue to spend time improving both my art and business/marketing. I am a small business owner. I am an entrepreneur. And I am an artist. [...]

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Keith Bond shares how creating instead of replicating can help improve your artwork

Replicating vs. Creating

Allowing your memory to distill the information is a powerful tool. It frees an artist from replicating, and allows an artist to orchestrate and rearrange. [...]

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Keith Bond shares some important tips on how to create your art business.

Art is a Business

Art is much, much more than simply creating. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses a sometimes forgotten form of communication.

A Simple, Focused Snail-Mail Campaign

In this age of being digitally over-connected, sometimes something tangible sent via snail mail will really impress. [...]

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The Politics of Price

In a perfect world, price wouldn’t be an issue and collectors would purchase only works that they loved. But that is not reality. Price does influence the decision with many collectors. [...]

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Narrow Your Focus

By being focused on who you and your collectors are, you will be in the right places. Sure, you will still need to hike and scout and do all the other work. [...]

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Don't Use Price as Marketing Strategy

Are your marketing efforts reaching those you are trying to attract? If not, maybe you are using the wrong strategy. [...]

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Shipping Your Art

Is your artwork important enough to you to present it in the best light possible? [...]

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Put The Fire Out

Although I have reached a certain level of proficiency in several of the principles of art, I find myself returning to them over and over. There is always more to learn – more work to be done. [...]

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Video Newsletters

The newsletters that include effective videos stand apart from those of similar content that doesn’t have video. [...]

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The Artist's Statement vs Biography

Don’t confuse an artist’s statement with a biography. Many artists often combine the two into one document that lacks the intended focus. [...]

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There is something about seeing things in a different way that enables you to disconnect with your preconceived ideas. You can more clearly see reality. [...]

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The Crossroads

There comes a time in your career where you reach the crossroads. You must make the decision of which road to take. [...]

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A World Without Art

Art is powerful. Art is meaningful. It enriches our society. [...]

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Don't Be A Jack

Your mailing list is your number one asset. [...]

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The Police Report, The Novel, and The Poem

What kind of art do you create? What kind of art do you want to create? [...]

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On The Verge

Being ‘in the zone’ does not guarantee great results and great art does not need to be created while ‘in the zone’. [...]

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The Art of Failure

You must create if you want to improve. You will have failures, but they are necessary stepping stones. [...]

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The "Thank You" Card

Don’t underestimate the value of the “Thank You” card or other personalized cards. [...]

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Joining a Group

We artists tend to be solitary – whether by choice or necessity. Creativity comes from within and we tend to work alone. Yet, we have a need to connect with and associate with others. [...]

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Finding Your Collectors

Go to where the collectors are, and... Bring the collectors to you. [...]

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Use Your Mailing List

Put it to work for you. Be creative in how you use it. There are many ways to market to your collectors and prospects, and I find that a variety of methods work best. [...]

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The Triple Impact

Your work is competing against many other equally great artists. To have the advantage of capturing a collector’s attention, you should consider how well you understand and utilize the triple effect. [...]

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Pros and (Mostly) Cons of Sight-size Method

The problem with sight-size is that if you have become dependent upon it, you may not have the confidence (or worse yet, the ability) to accurately draw something that isn’t exactly as you see it. You become dependent upon copying. Creativity suffers. Works become technical craft and less about feeling, mood, and expression. [...]

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Shape Welding

So, the lesson for today is to see the values in your subject. Organize them into 3 to 5 values. And weld like value shapes together to create fewer shapes. Yet, within each shape, you can have all the color, texture, detail, interest that you want. Just don’t lose the integrity of each shape – which lies in its value. [...]

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An Organized Palette Leads to Intuitive Color Mixing

Mixing through intuition doesn’t mean that I resort to formulas, either. It merely means that I know by heart where the needed color is on the palette. There are many challenges to painting. Searching for the colors, because they aren’t organized, simply adds unnecessarily to the challenges. [...]

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Everything is Subject to Change

Remember in your work this one important principle. Everything is subject to change if it will improve your work…everything from that one juicy brush stroke to a 3 foot high cactus. [...]

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