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"The Fisherman"- Oil by Constant Troyon (1810-1865)

Advice for Creating and Critiquing Paintings - Part 2

"There is only one true way to acquire an art-knowledge of harmony, and that is to study the works of the great colorists with a determination to understand and appreciate them. This will educate the eye and teach you to note many beauties you do not see at first glance." [...]

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William Adolphe Bouguereau - "Le Crabe" - 31.89" x 25.79" - Oil (1869)

Advice for Creating and Critiquing Paintings - Part 1

John C. Van Dyke goes on to say that the artist should be technically skilled in order to command one's attention to his ideas. Therefore, a critical examination begins with the foundation of painting...DRAWING. [...]

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Meadow With Two Large Trees by Corot (1865-70)

Who Was Your Greatest Art Influence?

I've often wondered, "Why, Corot?" With a total lack of interest in and ignorance of all things related to the history of art, I've often wondered why I was so captivated by this one artist of all those studied. [...]

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