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"Familiar Passage", 7x20, Oil, Available at Oh Be Joyful Gallery

Meditation on Painting, Part 3

It's an act of trust each time we approach the easel, and whether the result is pleasing or not, we trust again the next time. For painters, faith might be our greatest resource. [...]

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"Top of Laguna", 24x30, Oil, Private Collection

Meditation on Painting, Part 2

As painters we will sometimes operate out of pure devotion, but lets not kid ourselves, money and praise are often behind our maneuvers. [...]

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"Day Roars In", 11x14, Oil, Private Collection

Meditation on Painting, Part 1

Painting involves bringing order and chaos together in balance so to challenge and satisfy the artist soul. More simply put, painting utilizes my natural attraction to drawing, design and color, and ultimately gives me a calm satisfaction even if Iím unstable in the process. [...]

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