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"The Water Tester," 12 x 24 in., oil by Jill Banks. Private collection

Navigating Rough Waters

I'm paying very close attention to all new offerings via FASO for art marketing or site enhancements and watching galleries and arts organizations to figure out the best way to help people really see my work. [...]

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How Saved My Art Career

I know for a fact that I have made many sales and gained subscribers and fans because of my beautifully integrated site, blog and newsletter. [...]

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Sometimes small changes in how we respond make a big difference.

How to Home-Grow Your Sales...What I've Learned

Two key ideas from the AMP program have really clicked for me: reaching out to & connecting with the collectors of my work, and sharing stories - both my own, and my collectors'. [...]

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Without questions, we have halted the creative process and may easily become bored, with consequences for the quality of our work.

Questions and the Creative Process

We hope youíll click the link to listen to our episode #104, Questions and the Creative Process, for an in-depth discussion of this topic. [...]

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Don't miss The Messy Studio's Podcast on strategies and mindsets that can help artists who are in the midst of a downturn

Intuitive Color

In this episode of The Messy Studio Podcast, we discuss ways to develop color use in your work to enhance your personal voice and tips to increase your confidence in intuitive choices. [...]

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Don't miss The Messy Studio's Podcast on strategies and mindsets that can help artists who are in the midst of a downturn

Ebbs and Flows

In this Episode of The Messy Studio Podcast, we cover some strategies and mindsets that can help artists who are in the midst of a downturn, and also ways to take best advantage of the good times. [...]

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They are here to help no matter how many questions I have, how many times I change my template, color scheme, navigation bar, and on and on.

My website; My partner.

My website; my partner. If it weren't for my website I would not be sharing this. This is what I mean when I say "one truly feeds the other." Don't be afraid, a lesson that applies to me both on and off the canvas. Life experiences create growth and contribute to our shared humanity, and with growth both on and off the canvas the world becomes more connected and even more beautiful, if we just let it. [...]

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Don't miss our first podcast with The Messy Studio!

What is Unique About Abstraction?

The creative path is unique to every artist, but the goal is the same. How can the gap be bridged between the artist's intentions and the viewer's perception? All artists look to the same universal visual language of color, value, line, shape, form, texture, and the principles of design for their answers, and the possibilities inherent in these are infinite. [...]

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Jane Chapin, "Corrales Adobe" 10 x 8 Oil (Gallery closed corner frame)

Presentation Matters

Finally, presentation is an indicator of your self-worth as an artist. Just as you would not go to a job interview in sweatpants and a dirty old t-shirt, put your artís best foot forward. You never know who may wander into a show and notice it. [...]

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"Every Artist Was Once An Amateur" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thriving and Surviving Painting Workshops

There is no such thing as the artist who was magically bestowed with genius and talent. That's Hollywood. Even for the best it takes work and dedication. So don't compare yourself to anyone but yourself and you'll see the progress. Take those workshops and shorten your learning curve. [...]

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Carole Rodrigue shares how she uses blogging to marketing her art.

Why Artists Should Blog

Marketing online can be complex and confusing, but by learning various bits and pieces, putting everything together can really help you get the word out about your art. It is a lot of work, but everything worthwhile is. [...]

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J.R. Monks discusses the meaning of a sale.

You Picked Me?

In all practicality though sales find us, nourish us, and encourage us to do more, go further, and continue the journey. [...]

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BoldBrush Sponsored Artist Vianna Szabo shares the many different ways to start a painting.

My One Rule for Starting a Painting

How do you choose what is easiest? The most important decisions are made before the brush touches the canvas. First, I consider the time. When I am plein air painting I know that the light will change quickly on so my focus goes to getting the correct color notes of the light with very little drawing... [...]

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Don't miss this very informative post on the best social media for artist by Carole Rodrigue

Which Social Media Platform is Best for Artists?

In this post, I'll explain a bit more about why I feel Pinterest and YouTube are the best social media platforms for artists, or any business person for that matter, as well as touch on Facebook and Instagram. I'll save the best two for last, so be sure to read all the way. [...]

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Debra Joy Groesser shares how art organizations and juried shows can benefit your career.

Getting Your Work Out There Ė Art Organizations and Juried Shows, Part 1 & Part 2

Being involved with an art organization can offer countless benefits to artists depending on your interest and goals... [...]

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Carolyn Anderson shares some advice on 'edges' for your paintings

Do Your Paintings Look Stiff?

If your paintings look stiff, if your figures donít turn, and objects appear flat and look like paper cut-outs, then perhaps you need to reevaluate how you see, not just how you apply paint. [...]

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Don't miss William A. Schneider's discussion on "continuing education" for artists

Life Long Learning

Given that the quest for mastery is never-ending, itís probably a good idea to find the most efficient way to learn. [...]

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Tracy Ference shares why people still want a painted portrait

Why Portraiture?

There is something about the human experience that is revealed within a portrait and people feel drawn to that elusive thing that makes a painting so much more than a photo. [...]

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Don't miss a great tip to ensure good quality images of your artwork.

A Lightbox & Accessory Recommendations for Photographing Small Paintings

If you are constantly waiting for an overcast day to photograph outside, or fighting glare with studio lights, this is your solution. [...]

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Daybreak Over The Grand Canyon 12x12 Oil/Linen SOLD

FASO'S Always Trying to Promote Our Art

I've been with FASO for over 10 years and they keep changing, improving tweaking and trying to market our art!! Does your website have all of these perks?? You can tell I'm a great believer!!! [...]

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William Schneider discusses the advantages of perfecting one skill at a time.

The Perpetual Student

A great idea is to copy masterworks. Sargent did; Zorn did. In fact virtually all the great artists have done this type of research. The goal is to figure out the master artistsí thought process. [...]

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Pioneer Cooking by JR Monks

The Devil Is In The Details

The devil may be in the details, but the painter is in the ability to make decisions regarding what to emphasize, and what to downplay. [...]

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Art Doesnít End At The Edge Of The Canvas

Marketing is the final extension of your art. [...]

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When Time is Short and Inspiration is High

Holidays are busy and studio time gives way to visiting and catching up with those I love. [...]

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I Hope You Dance

If I can give you any advice to help you overcome those feelings of despair, it would be to feed your passion. [...]

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The Fine Art of Discovery

Painting with no map, I lost my preoccupation with where I was going, and I had to just look around and pay attention to where I was in the painting at every moment. It's terrifying, but also completely exciting to discover a new way of painting after 20 years. [...]

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Backgrounds As Stage Settings

In order for a background to be cohesive it must be considered as important as the subject you are painting. [...]

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The Importance of Being Ready

Inspiration comes when it wants to, it can be a fleeting thing, so we need to act on it when it's there and make the best use of it when we can. [...]

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The Survival of the Artist in the Automated Age

Art that transcends the commonplace, even occasionally art on a hotel wall, will find its way to those who value and notice the art. And technology will allow more people to find and hopefully collect our art. [...]

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Should You Enter Juried Exhibitions?

On our artistic journey we all meet criticism and obstacles of every kind. Keep an open mind and an attitude on self improvement and quality of work. The journey is not easy. If it were, it wouldn't mean anything. [...]

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Marketing Your Art - Staging Your Art

We all would like to be a brand name that does not require this extra bit of work, but as galleries are closing, social media is increasingly important. We must be our own advocates to help sell our art. [...]

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Be Involved in the Creative Process from the Start - Use Your Own References

Don't let a reference dictate what your finished painting looks like. Remember your painting is your voice - let it sing out loud and clear. [...]

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Subject Matters

Donít strive to become a portrait artist; instead strive to become a better artist. If you want to paint better portraits, learn to paint landscape. [...]

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Have You Arrived?

There is a great danger in being known for a special style thatís recognizable everywhere. The collectors look for it and buy it because itís recognizable. But should that lock you in forever? [...]

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Painting in Monochrome

One of the best ways to become comfortable with painting in oil, watercolor, and acrylic is to use two colors and work monochromatically. [...]

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The Artist's Journey: What If It Doesn't Get Any Easier?

Every artist's journey is going to be different. It isn't wrong to have success come easy. But it is just possible that it robs an artist of the incredible adventure and growth that happens when the journey is hazardous. [...]

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Texture In Your Art

Texture, implied or not, can create emotions, share messages, or simply add spice to your painting. [...]

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Don't Forget Your Paints!

Adventures always open our minds and our hearts, not to mention, how they inspire our souls. [...]

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What Color Is That?

What color is that? The question floats through the room at every demo or workshop. [...]

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Easy Still Life Set Up

As far as setting up the still life, the possibilities are endless. I like to think of the table as a stage and look for an object that will be the star of the composition. [...]

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