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Moving fast in business is important, because speed is power.

Slow Down to Speed Up

I have found, that slowing down in this way allows my mind to fully form the idea, to consider ways to try the bet in a way that minimizes required resources, and even to consider if we should pursue the idea at all. [...]

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You might sacrifice so much and not achieve what you want.

The Pain of Disappointment

There are different kinds of disappointment. There is the disappointment that comes with the regret of not doing. Then there is the disappointment that comes with trying, but not achieving what you want. For me, regret is a deeper wound than failing. [...]

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The popularity of “daily painter” sites points to the growing prevalence and appeal of this type of work.

Collective Wisdom: Finding Your Bread and Butter

While these creations may or may not be of the same caliber as an artist’s regular work, there is real business value in having a line of work that generates more predictable cash flow. [...]

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If we are listening, we may hear about the things we cannot understand.

The Art of Backing Off

Where do you need to back off? Who needs you to stop offering advice and stop trying to control them? Where are you saying too much, when fewer or no words will work better? [...]

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When we can make our art as a vocation, that’s a good thing. Not everyone can, nor wants to.

WHY MILLENNIALS DON'T BUY OUR ART? Their Definition of "Real Art" May Be Bigger Than Ours

And "visual arts" goes beyond 2D work. There are the performance arts, theater arts, music, writing, etc. [...]

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How can you make a bigger impact on this world?

Be Useful

"Your first responsibility is to determine your own distinctive competences—what you can do uncommonly well, what you are truly made for—and then navigate your life and career in direct alignment". [...]

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What are you willing to sacrifice to be able to pursue your art?

The Pain of Discipline

“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.” [...]

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Managing cash flow successfully is one of the greatest challenges for any small business.

9 Tips to Help you Better Manage Sporadic Cash Flow in your Art Business

This irregular cash flow can cause logistical (and emotional!) problems for those of us in the art business. I would like to share a few things I’ve learned over the years about managing cash flow in the hopes that my experience might help make you a better manager of your cash flow. [...]

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Giovanni Boldini (1842-1931) - "A Beauty with Lilacs" - 22" x 15.75" - Oil

Advice for creating and critiquing paintings - Part 5

The purpose of this blog, and others to follow, is to share with you some helpful guidelines, offered by Mr. Van Dyke that will help us critique our own work and the work of others. [...]

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So who is a “real artist”?

WHY MILLENNIALS DON’T BUY OUR ART: They Don’t Appreciate the Value of a Real Artist

Continuing the series about why millennials don’t buy our art, and continuing last week’s column about why (or whether) millennials don’t appreciate or collect real art and real artists. [...]

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Professionals process the pain of criticism and complaints into positive outcomes.

Professional Pain

I share it so you understand that when someone dismisses my work as irrelevant, there is some real pain that goes with that. The same pain you probably feel when your work is dismissed or criticized. [...]

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I want to see your voice.

Don't Be a Slave

Being a slave to your reference hinders creativity. Slavishly regurgitating what you see is not creating. It does not show me anything more than your ability to copy. [...]

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As an artist in the digital age, chances are you have to write emails on a regular basis.

Crafting Professional Emails for Better Art Business Communication

The key to writing professional emails is to take your time to make sure you say exactly what you want to say as clearly as possible, but there are some other specific steps you can follow to craft better emails. [...]

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Don't miss The Messy Studio's Podcast on strategies and mindsets that can help artists who are in the midst of a downturn

Intuitive Color

In this episode of The Messy Studio Podcast, we discuss ways to develop color use in your work to enhance your personal voice and tips to increase your confidence in intuitive choices. [...]

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So people who appreciate “real” art, outside of rich and famous people, is a relatively new thing.

WHY MILLENNIALS DON'T BUY OUR ART: They Don't Appreciate the Value of Real Art!

So far we’ve covered the realities of this age group’s finances, home size (e.g., can they afford one, or have a small one?), how dissing the younger generations has been a thing for thousands of years, and why, if they really don’t have an appreciation for real art, it isn’t their fault. [...]

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John Huges How to Take Years off the Landscape Painting Learning Curve

Special Edition USA Workshops May 2020 Newsletter

Special USA Workshops Edition for May 2020 [...]

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Your dreams live outside of your comfort zone.

Your Dreams Live Outside Your Comfort Zone

If you want to grow and have a more exciting future, you must do something different from what you've done so far. [...]

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Isn’t sharing what your art is all about?


You have a unique perspective on the world. You see things others cannot. Part of your gift is sharing what you see. Share your perspective. Share your art. Share your gift. [...]

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Are you putting up with something that is stealing your happiness or success?

Free The Beast Inside You

You have a fresh year, and something inside of you that is dying to come out. Get angry. Scream loudly and let it out. The beast inside needs to be released so you can live the best possible life. Get angry and let it free. [...]

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Continuing on with our examination of the reasons why “young people today” don’t buy art.

Reasons Why Millennials Don't Buy Our Art #2

And yet, none of this—the vacuum, the lack of women in art, the lack of materials, exposure to art, the lack of a portfolio (which resulted in me not being accepted into art school at the time), none of this prevented me from appreciating art, nor did it prevent me from becoming an artist myself. [...]

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I find the best way to be productive is to simply ignore all the stuff I "should" do and just do the thing I want to do.

Artful Procrastination

If you want to produce the diamonds, you have to produce a lot of coal. Therefore, your only choice, if you want to do great work, is to produce all of them. [...]

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Do you feel that auctions in general are good or bad?

Your Attitude About Auctions

Most of the time, I see auctions billed as “a way to get a great deal for a work of art.” [...]

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Will this art increase in value? Is it a good investment.

What to Say When Clients Want to Know if Art is a Good Investment

There have been a number of articles in the press and online lately talking about the incredible premiums collectors are making when selling work at auction through Sotheby’s or Christie’s. These articles have added to some art buyer’s perception that art is an investment. [...]

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The museum shop world is about relationships and not always about sales.

How To Get Your Foot in the Door of a Museum Store

But what differentiates a decent submission from one that goes straight into the circular file? [...]

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At last, we’re ready to dig into the many reasons millennials don’t buy our art.

Reasons Why Millennials Don't Buy Our Art

My sole point today is to show how even a few major insights can help us change our attitude towards millennials: [...]

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Keiko Tanabe Stage: Capter l'essentiel en aquarelle

Special Edition International Workshops 2020 Newsletter

Special International Workshops Edition from April 1st - September 30th, 2020 [...]

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While most artists know (or have heard) this, many artists never actually send email newsletters.

Do the Opposite with Your Blog and Newsletter

Lots of artists are approaching their blog and newsletter strategies backwards. Reverse your strategy. [...]

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It does take a lot of practice to learn to see as an artist.


So where do you start if you can’t seem to get your mind to separate the ‘thing’ from the shapes? [...]

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Sales can fluctuate dramatically from month to month, and what’s selling today, may not be selling tomorrow.

What Kind of Artwork Sells Best?

On its face, this is a pretty easy question to answer – all I have to do is look over my sales records to see which media and subjects have been selling the best. [...]

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You don’t know what you don’t know.

You May Be Uncomfortable Reading This

We need suggestion. We need guidance. And usually we don’t know we need it. [...]

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Sometimes we have to learn the lesson the hard way.

Customer Service Still Rules

But there are also people who genuinely love and appreciate us for what we do, who invest their own hard-earned money for the work of our heart. We owe it to them to make sure that wonderful exchange stays positive, and compassionate. [...]

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Telling us a story is boring, showing us one is riveting. Show, don't tell your story.

Show Don't Tell

Social Media sites and apps, such as Instagram and Facebook, are the world's greatest storytelling platforms for brands. And professional artists are brands. You. Are. The. Brand. [...]

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Did I miss any other methods of restoring freshness of color after the paint has dried?

Freshness of Color

This is a follow-up to last week’s article about Liquin. I will offer a few suggestions for maintaining fresh color after the painting has dried but before you varnish. [...]

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For artists doing a lot of shows, I would highly recommend experimenting with the bin.

Should Artists Present Artwork in Bins at Art Shows, or is it a Distraction?

For artists doing a lot of shows, I would highly recommend experimenting with the bin. [...]

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Antonio da Correggio (1489-1534) - "Virgin and Child with an Angel" - 30" x 22.36" – Oil

Advice for creating and critiquing paintings - Part 4

The purpose of this blog, and others to follow, is to share with you some helpful guidelines, offered by Mr. Van Dyke that will help us critique our own work and the work of others. [...]

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Hold this in your heart: The deepest, most powerful reason for making our art is that it gets us to our highest, best place in the world. It heals us.

Why Aren't People Buying Our Artwork?

One topic that came up was, why don’t millennials buy art? The list of reasons she gave was astonishing, and all of them made perfect sense. (Spoiler alert: Millennials DO buy art. Maybe just not OUR art.) [...]

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Mike Wise workshop in Coupeville, Washington

Special Edition USA Workshops April 2020 Newsletter

Special USA Workshops Edition for April 2020 [...]

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See where Art's adventures take him next...

The Life of Art, Series #130

Art, an aspiring fine artist who works full time as a police officer. Art is surrounded by supportive and well-meaning family and friends who don't always get his passion for painting, and he often finds himself in strange situations that make you just want to laugh out loud. [...]

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Unfortunately, practicing our craft daily can be quite a challenge. Real life intervenes for so many of us.

Mastery Requires Daily Practice

If you're currently a weekend warrior, find ways to hone your craft at least a little bit during the week. Perhaps it's just a sketch pad during your lunch hour...perhaps just a 30 minute study. Creativity begets more creativity so it's critical to maximize the number of times your mind gets in the “zone.” [...]

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In the meantime, resist the urge to coat your paintings in Liquin.

Don't Use Liquin as a Varnish

The technical expert went into quite a bit of detail beyond what is explained above, most of which I cannot remember. I just remember the admonition NOT to use Liquin as a varnish. [...]

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