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You donít know what you donít know.

You May Be Uncomfortable Reading This

We need suggestion. We need guidance. And usually we donít know we need it. [...]

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Though Christmas is a busy time, I still love the anticipation, the joy, the magic, and the great feelings it can provide.

Twas Was the Sunday Before Christmas

Though Christmas is a busy time, I still love the anticipation, the joy, the magic, and the great feelings it can provide. [...]

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Are You a Waterfall?

"I realized that business does not define me. Art defines me. I was resistant because I did not see myself as a business guy, but now I still see myself as an artist who simply had to develop some muscles in other areas so I could continue to be an artist." [...]

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Eric Rhoads discusses how tough tasks can lead you to a place of joy.

A Plan for Joy

Life wonít always be joyful, and getting where you want to be wonít always be joy-filled or easy. Tough tasks are worthwhile when they ultimately lead you to a place of joy. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares 5 tips that can be applied in all aspects of life

5 Tips That Change Everything

It took me decades to discover the power of these five tips. I discovered them one at a time, and they had a huge and powerful impact on my life and my business. They are simple principles that I have found amplify everything disproportionately. They can apply in life, in business, in charity, and in anything you do. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares how simplifying "what owns you", can lead to happiness.

What Owns You?

My number one goal is happiness in life. Everything we do should focus on that, because without it, all the hard parts of life become only a burden. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares some inspirational thoughts on how our work of the heart, can help others.

The Impact of Your Pebble

Our lives are meant to change the lives of others, and each of us has something to offer that needs to be heard, seen, and experienced by the world. [...]

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Don't miss Eric Rhoads' discussion on "doing soul work"

Doing Your Soul Work

Are you doing what you truly love, or are you shackled to something you once loved, or never loved? [...]

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Eric Rhoads discusses why we all need to find a way to recharge

When Itís OK to Be Selfish

A few weeks ago I was chatting with an acquaintance. I asked him how he recharges. His answer was that he loves to work. But he has nothing else. That was me: I love to work, but once I found something else, it made a difference. What about you? How do you recharge? [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares how breaking things up into smaller steps can make a world of difference

The Pathways to Excellence

Giving it a shot is an important starting point, but it isnít enough. Iíve met too many people who tried painting or drawing and quit because they got discouraged too easily. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares how giving can impact you in a positive way

Unexpected Impact

Giving fuels growth. Itís something I never understood, but when you give, much is given back to you, which of course allows you to give more. Giving can be about time, about encouragement, about advice, about listening, or, yes, about money. [...]

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Don't miss Eric Rhoads' advice on "how to get unstuck" and back on track

How To Get Unstuck

I believe that you have a quarter-inch getting in the way of your big dreams. I believe you can figure it out. Rather than ruminating about a big problem, stop it. Just focus on one small problem, the one that will get you unstuck. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares how to communicate with others about your art

How to Convince Anyone to Do Anything

Translate everything to a story others can relate to. Find things that matter to the listener. Doing so will make a huge difference in everything you do. [...]

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Eric Rhoads discusses how to get past roadblocks

Roadblocks That Get in the Way of Your Dreams

You can learn about yourself and your limitations by discovering the little voices inside that have been holding you back. [...]

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Eric Rhoads discusses 12 questions to help you in the new year!

12 Questions That Will Change Your Life Forever

Donít wait on others to solve your problems, or youíll wait a lifetime with no results. You are the only one responsible for you. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares an inspirational message

Two Opposite Perspectives on Life

When we next talk, Christmas will have passed. Please accept my deepest and most sincere wishes for a wonderful Christmas. I intend to take some time off, so if I donít show up next week, youíll know why. Frankly, I wonít know what I plan to do till the day comes. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares how to make time for your dreams

When Stealing Is Acceptable

Today, not tomorrow, is always the answer to getting something done. I have no doubt you can do it, itís just a matter of stealing some time. [...]

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Tears of Joy

Though these fires are horrific, the ashes provide moments of clarity, moments of gratefulness and a much needed fresh start for some. Though reaching out to these people I did not know what to say or how they would respond, but Iím encouraged by their strength, their resolve, and their gratefulness. Iím not sure Iíd be as strong. [...]

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Don't miss Eric Rhoads inspiring column on how your art can be the story you leave behind.

Art From the Ashes

How can you get out of your comfort zone? It may be as simple as a visit to a gallery or an art exhibition or a museum youíve not visited before, or learning a language, or finding a book outside what youíd normally read. While most seek comfort and security, itís the discomfort that fosters growth and an invigorating life. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares how to spread generosity through your art

The Art of Giving Paintings Away

What can you do to live generously today? It may not be about a painting, or even a physical gift at all. It may be about listening or helping or just reaching out to someone who needs an ear. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares how stepping out of your comfort zone can impact your goals

Conquer Your Unrealized Dreams

A goal without a plan to execute is a goal that is unlikely to be realized. Understanding where you are and where you want to be helps you find the gap between those two points. What are the obstacles within that gap? We all need specific clarity about the problem to be solved, the specifics of the opportunity or obstacle, and the steps required to execute our strategy. [...]

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Eric Rhoads discusses how to survive and thrive in the art world

How Art Businesses Die

The part of the cycle I want to discuss today is death - when your business is no longer sustainable and there is no one to support it... My goal is to help you, or those you know, to prevent death - to keep art selling. [...]

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The Need to Reconnect

I always say that you have to give yourself oxygen before helping others, because without it, you canít help others as well. What do you need for yourself that you keep thinking about doing, but you find all the reasons you canít? What old stories are holding you back? [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares the best way to grow your business

Mining Old Gold: The BEST Way to Sell More Artwork

The best way to grow your business is from your real most valuable asset: your existing customers. [...]

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Don't miss Eric Rhoads inspiring column on not giving power to the wrong thoughts

A Tale of Two Mindsets

Today is a good day to have a chat with yourself about what you believe and how you want to change your story. I can tell you that if you repeat your new story enough, your old story will fade. [...]

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Eric Rhoads discusses how to achieve marketing goals

What One Marketing Method Would You Use If You Were Just Getting Started?

Building a website, talking about your art, making e-mail and mailing lists of the names of people who like your work ...these can all be goals for an artist whoís just starting out. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares the impact painting in nature can have on you

Nature Calling

Soon your summer will come to an end. Schools are starting, vacations are ending, and time alone with nature often becomes less easy to find. If there is time, give yourself this gift of one spot, breathing the air, smelling the scent of pines, and staring into the rich colors of nature. It will feed your soul. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares the importance of working toward being the best of the best...

You Can Strive to Be the Worldís Best

What have you always wanted to learn? What are you doing where you can see yourself working toward being the best of the best? [...]

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Eric Rhoads discusses the importance first impressions make on your art sales

Are First Impressions Killing Your Art Sales?

Every first impression matters. It sets the tone. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares his thoughts on how to better accomplish your goals

The Last Sunday in July

What is your destination? What is your top priority? [...]

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Eric Rhoads discusses the importance of building your brand, prices and a luxury appearance.

Six Tips to Get More Money For Your Paintings Without Hurting Sales

You will lose some customers at a higher price, but youíll make more money and work less. Build the importance of your brand with constant repetition over years and a luxury appearance. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares his inspirational thoughts on making hard changes.

When Change Is Hard But Good

Though I hope youíre not stuck, it might be worth asking yourself if you are and what you could do to get you into a better place. Today is as good as any to think about it. [...]

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Eric Rhoads discusses the importance of continuity when marketing your art.

The Land of Danger for Art Marketers

Marketing is like a jet that never lands and has to be continually refueled in the air. If you land it, you lose momentum and itís much harder to take off again ó and youíll see a reduction in business before long. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares his thoughts on helping to change the world

The First Step to Changing the World

I could tell more stories, but the point is that interests and passion drove my actions. Though I had some self-doubt and fear about whether I could get these things done, my passion overcame my fear. [...]

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Eric Rhoads discusses the important role a frame can play in selling your artwork.

Using Frames To Sell Artwork

Itís important to think of a painting as a whole package. Quality paintings and quality frames go together. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares his thoughts on the importance of evolving, learning and making changes.

Perfect and Imperfect Fathers

Life is full of lessons and corrections. Thankfully, we continue to evolve, learn, and make changes. [...]

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Eric Rhoads discusses the value of repeated exposure.

How to Kill an Ad Campaign

Why Getting Sick of Your Ads Will Hurt Your Business [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares his belief, that it's never too late to make your dreams come true.

How Dreams Come True

The world has been blessed with amazing things that would not exist had some woman or man allowed their dreams to be prevented by their negative mindset. [...]

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Eric Rhoads' discusses the power "branding" can have on your art career.

The Ultimate Power of Branding: Why a da Vinci Sold for $450.3 Million

Never underestimate the power of a well thought-out marketing strategy. It can make an unknown artist known, or take an artist whose work isnít selling and make it sell. It can get an artist invited to events and get people buzzing. [...]

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Eric Rhoads discusses the importance of down time.

The Magic of Summer

One of the things I love about summer is the release of the brain muscle. Itís tight all year, jammed with projects, workload, and stress, and summer provides a chance to stop squeezing that muscle at that level and allow new ideas to float in at a leisurely pace... Since summer is right around the corner: What will you do? If you learned that this is your last summer, what would you get done that youíve kept putting off? [...]

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