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Eric Armusik shares how facing your fears can open up your creative flow

Face Your Demons

No one wants to suffer. Most of us will go out of our way to avoid anything unpleasant. But as artists, we can always find something beautiful even in the most tragic circumstances. It's our job. [...]

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Eric Armusik discusses the value hard work can have on your success

Never Underestimate the Value of Hard Work

Becoming a Successful Artist = Hard Work [...]

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Eric Armusik shares the importance of embracing humility

Embracing Humility

Fear keeps us from moving forward, and pride keeps us stagnant Ė I understand this more than ever. Fear keeps artists from quitting their day jobs and believing in themselves. Pride prevents them from asking for advice or congratulating someone who made a big sale. [...]

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Don't miss Eric Armusik's most inspirational post on sacrifice.

The Beauty of Sacrifice

So in summation, I encourage you to look beyond your struggles and carry on. Know that tomorrow brings infinite possibilities if we plant seeds daily. Never stop working or give in to self-pity Ė it will certainly delay your success. Remember that suffering can be insightful and glorious even in itís darkest moments. Choose to believe that miracles happen every day if we believe in ourselves. And find comfort in your loving partner or supportive friend because, with their love and encouragement, the world is less dreadful. [...]

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Eric Armusik discusses how to deal with "difficult people"

Dealing With Difficult People - 5 Tips for Artists

Keep moving forward and let the negatively roll off you. [...]

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Don't miss Eric Armusik's discussion on making your own rules- to be the artist you were born to be.

Rules? You're an Artist - Make Your Own Rules

Be bold, do what you feel inside and respond to that with great talent. Make your own rules - be the artist you were born to be. [...]

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Eric Armusik shares why it is important to cut 'envy' out of your life

Envy - The Road to Ruin (+ 4 Tips)

Spend more time building otherís up and you will set the stage for a successful and fulfilling career. Envious people are unproductive people and in turn, unsuccessful and unhappy. Own who you are. Look at the blessings in your personal life, your history, and your abilities as an artist and know that you have a unique and special gift to give to the world. [...]

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Don't miss Eric Armusik's discussion on how to make your own luck.

Effort = Luck (4 Tips)

If you fail, get back up and work harder. You leave seeds each and every time you put in the effort. Do it long enough and you establish a reputation. If you refuse to give up you will be the last man standing and in the end, you'll claim the luck you always dreamed of having. [...]

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Don't miss Eric Armusik's inspirational post on fulfilling your dream.

Trust Thyself, Artist (& 6 TIPS)

In all my years of being a professional artist, I realized that the more risks and chances I took, the farther I went. Even when I failed, I learned something in the process that made me a stronger and more confident artist. [...]

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Don't miss Eric Armusik's mandatory tips for emerging artists.

5 Mandatory Tips for Emerging Artists

But what if I don't have money for materials or marketing? Do what you can. If all you have is a phone or computer to promote yourself on social media, then do it. If you have to paint on cardboard you get from your local supermarket then do it. If you need to paint with children's paints then do that. The key is to never make excuses. If you allow yourself the opportunity to be a working artist everything will figure itself out. [...]

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Eric Armusik discusses how to grow and embrace failure

Embrace Failure

Success is a road for the persistent. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you are the only one that has ever failed. More importantly, do not call yourself a failure. Failure only happens if you give up. If you never stop trying you will never be a failure. [...]

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Eric Armusik discusses self-taught stigmas and shares 5 valuable tips

Banishing The Self-Taught Artist Stigma (+5 Tips)

A self-taught artist is a professional artist if they take their work and craft seriously. Never ever give up. You are greater than you know. [...]

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Eric Armusik shares 10 tips on how to become a full-time artist!

10 Tips For Transitioning From Your Job To Being A Full-time Artist

If you're serious about leaving your job to be a full-time artist you have to think more about the business you are going into than the one you are in. [...]

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