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Clint Watson shares the many ways art changes lives.

Art Transforms Lives

One of our core values at FASO is: We Know that Art Transforms Lives for the Better [...]

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Embrace Change in Order To Make A Difference

When I first started BoldBrush (the company behind FASO), things were pretty simple. I was the leader, the boss, and all the employees. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses why you should protect your creative time

Being Hard to Reach is a Feature, Not a Bug

To live your best life and contribute according to your gifts and interests, you must understand what your most important activities are, and align your time and energy around them. Obviously, this means you must carefully design your schedule to support your top priorities. [...]

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Gmail's snooze feature can improve your character

How I'm Learning and Remembering New Life Principles

Ever since I read Ray Dalio's Principles, I've wanted to be much more intentional about developing, internalizing and documenting the principles that guide my personal and professional life. [1] Mark Twain once said that, "The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read." But the man (or woman!) who reads, and yet takes no action, still has no advantage over the man who cannot read. And it dawned on me that, although I've read a lot of great books with tons of great ideas, I usually don't remember much about the ideas I've read. [...]

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Don't miss Clint Watson's advice on why you should ignore early detractors

Ignore Early Detractors

So, if you must show your work to friends, colleagues or mentors before it's ready, just remember that it's probably best to ignore early detractors. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses the importance of "focusing" on your artwork

Focus is a Force Multiplier

The most important thing for artists is to focus on your artwork: On producing it, on improving it, on mastering your craft. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses the benefits of long term vs short term planning in your art business

Strive for a Global Maximum

With your art and the way you present it, you can change the world for the better. I hope you will. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses the importance of working on your art on a regular basis

Creativity is a Consequence of Productivity

Doing the work and doing it regularly. That's the thing that truly makes a difference in your creative output... Just rolling up your sleeves, digging in and producing your art on a regular basis. Day in. Day out. [...]

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Clint Watson shares some tips on how to treat your art collectors

You're the Rock Star

You're the Rock Star. And you should be doing the things I described above. If you didn't know that...well, now you do. [...]

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One Simple Trick To Get More Customers

When your "gold panning" rewards you with a customer, treat her well and send those thank you notes. [...]

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Your Artful Amplifiers

Do you monitor worry about your website's traffic? Do you encourage beg people to "like" you on Facebook? Do you wonder if hope search engine marketing will ride in on a white horse and hand you new buyers? [...]

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Clint Watson discusses how real world activities, can help your online demand

Real World Activities Drive Online Demand

You are going to struggle if you aren't participating in real world activities. If you are only ensconced in your studio and your entire marketing plan consists of posting to your website, posting to social media, and relying on search engines, then it's going to be very difficult to truly generate new demand for your art work. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses how to get your art in front of potential collectors

Capitalizing on Boredom

If you've built your list correctly, your subscribers want to hear from you. They love your art. They're craving for interesting, beautiful, human connections. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses how to avoid missed opportunities.

How to Get Lucky

On many days, when I give myself permission to "play" and "wander" and let goals slide, opportunities arise and/or the day's work is more productive than if I had adhered rigidly to the Tyranny of the Task List. And often, on days where I strictly adhere to my task, dutifully advancing in baby steps toward my goals.....I tend to miss opportunities in the pursuit of checking off every item. [...]

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Clint Watson shares the benefits of giving yourself enough quiet time to play and experiment...

Systematic Wandering

The danger with goals is it becomes very easy to become focused on the goal, to the exclusion of better options. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses how to build your subscriber list

Your Hidden Email Subscriber List

If you don't have anyone on your mailing list, you don't have an exposure problem - you have an organization problem. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses why you should aim to be original in your art business

Be the One Everyone Else Compares Themselves To

Be original. Do you better than anyone else. And be the one everyone else compares themselves to. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses the power of branding

Branding is the Only Power Artists Have

Branding, in the sense of being a power, is defined much more narrowly than the way most marketing people use the term. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses the importance of having prices on your art website

Why You Need Prices on Your Art Website

A gallery website today should allow a customer to begin...and complete the entire transaction with a smartphone, without ever having to call someone at the gallery. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses the difference between driving traffic to your website vs building an audience

Driving Traffic is Noise, Building an Audience is Music

You don't sell art by driving traffic. You sell art by building an audience. And in the same way that noise isn't music, driving traffic is not building an audience. [...]

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Clint Watson shares how professionals deal with criticism and complaints

Professional Pain

Professionals process the pain of criticism and complaints into positive outcomes. [...]

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Clint Watson shares the importance of sharing your art with the world.

Make Your Dent

Your art would be missed if you stopped doing what you're doing. Even if you only have one customer, remember: It makes a difference to that one. [...]

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Aaron Westerberg in his studio

Mastery Before Marketing

A rule of thumb for building a successful art business: "Mastery before Marketing." [...]

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Clint Watson shares what NOT to do on your artist website

The Top 12 Things Never to Do on Your Artist Website


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FASO's support lead, Sarah and lead developer Ricardo enjoying a beautiful artist website

The 65 Rules Great Artist Websites Follow

Utilize the 65 our rules as a checklist to ensure that your artist website is professional, beautiful and helps you sell your art. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses how to make sure your website is Secure.

Ensure Your Artist Website Doesn't Repel Customers Starting In July

Now is the time to ensure that your artist website serves securely. If you've not yet done so, you're almost out of time. [...]

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Don't miss Clint Watson's final post in his 6 part "What Collectors Want"

What Collectors Want, Part 6: Exclusivity

What art collector doesn't want to feel special and part of an exclusive club? And who's in a better position to offer exclusive access to an artist's work or an artist's time than the artist herself? [...]

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Clint Watson discusses the benefits of a Spillover Effect in the next part in "What Collector's Want"

What Collectors Want, Part 5: Spillover Effects

When an art gallery carries the works of a famous artist, it creates a huge spillover effect of attention that benefits all the other artists hanging in the gallery. Ask yourself how you can re-create a similar spillover effect in your own marketing. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses the importance of Curation as the next part in "What Collector's Want"

What Collectors Want, Part 4: Curation

How is an art collector supposed to find art to consider? You can't expect a collector to look through thousands of websites. Curation is and has always been the solution. [...]

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Clint Watson covers three extremely important ways to bring people to your website.

How to Get Traffic to Your Artist Website

People want and need to see artwork in person. Your online activities support your offline activities. [...]

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Ensure Your Artist Website Doesn't Repel Customers Starting In July

Now is the time to ensure that your artist website serves securely. [...]

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What Collectors Want

True art collectors form the backbone of an artist's career. [...]

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If I Was In Tribe Of Mentors

"People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on. But that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are." [...]

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The Tyranny of the Task List

To-do lists are constraints. They are chains. Now, constraints are not always a bad thing. Sometimes we need constraints to achieve positive results. [...]

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The Dangers of Mentorship

When you encounter problems, instead of immediately seeking help from a mentor, try to solve it your own way. There is something important, rewarding and fun about forcing yourself to explore unfamiliar areas yourself, alone with your wits, that leads to growth. [...]

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The Virtue of Quitting

In fact, being willing to quit things is a virtue of sorts and can be an indicator of how creative and successful one becomes. [...]

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How Often Should Artists Post On Instagram?

Thereís one truth Iíve learned in social media posting, email marketing, and, indeed, even in artwork sales. And that truth is this: more activity leads to more engagement. [...]

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BoldBrush Origin Story

Anything that impedes the process of sharing art with the world directly costs artists time and money. [...]

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The Origin Story

The best origin stories are told in a way that can become a myth. When that happens, they can almost be reduced to one or two sentences. [...]

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It's better to simply improve your painting skills every day until it is such a habit that improving your painting is just part of your character. [...]

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