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Most Popular Paintings (April 2019)

The ranking of this page is determined by people voting by clicking the "Vote" button next to each painting entry.
The rankings on this page update every 15 minutes.
Votes after the contest deadline won't count for this ranking page

Important Update: July 25, 2012: Facebook has reset some of the like counts. FASO did not do this.
Facebook's API had a bug and was reporting the incorrect number of unique likes. That bug appears to have been corrected and the numbers are now reporting correctly. The numbers are lower because they are now correct.

This change affected everyone and was on the Facebook side not the FASO side.

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Facebook has changed their api and we no longer have access to the Facebook like counts.

We have temporarily discontinued the popular entries page.
We are looking at ways to re-implement this feature, perhaps by implementing our own on-site voting system.


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