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Hello!  Welcome to my gallery. I am Zanobia Shalks, an artist living and painting in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
I have been painting landscapes for some time now and have found myself irresistibly drawn to Aspen groves.  Here in Colorado I am surrounded by miles and miles of Aspen trees.  I started discovering that there was something special going on with this particular species of tree. 
Over the years I have discovered that these trees often have a special way of grouping themselves and I started capturing the essence of what is happening with them in my paintings.
Hours of standing and painting in the silence and beauty of nature among these trees has afforded me the great pleasure of being able to “tune-in” to the conversations being had in the Aspen groves of Colorado.  It is with great joy and immense pleasure that I now bring these “whisperings and wisps” of conversation among the Aspens to you in my paintings. 
Having one of my paintings in your home will heighten your own spiritual awareness and draw you into this special communion with nature that I experience daily here in Colorado.  The Cottonwoods and Evergreens talk also, but Aspens speak the loudest!
Enhance your own spirituality with nature.  Make one of my “Aspen Whisperings” your own with your purchase today.  Contact me now.  [email protected]  970-871-8000   Website:  www.zanobiashalks.com
Any day painting outside is a banner day!
So enamored by the beauty surrounding us, Zanobia ventures out with a burning desire to brave the elements to experience first-hand the best scene in the best light. The results can be a moving and inspirational work of art ready to adorn your universe.It is the artist's dedication and apparent ability to deftly manipulate her materials, and the obvious love of creative expression that enables Zanobia to capture the enduring qualities of a vanishing [...]

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