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As an artist, my challenge is to see an image, place it into a strong cohesive composition and then process it into its final stage.
To accomplish this, I use digital tools to enhance, convert or sometimes completely change an image from its initial capture. This process many times takes place mentally as the image is taken. I will ask myself how the final images is going to be presented. Presentation effects the processing. Will the final image be printed and matted in a traditional manner? Will it be presented on other media such as glass/metal? Will the post processing include working with mix media?
After answering these initial questions, the fun begins. Sometimes the changes are very subtle; sometimes the image is completely changed and unrecognizable from the original. The original image is the skeletal foundation. It dictates how it is going to be manipulated
For me the success of the final image is not a tale of technical mastery but a story of imagery. It must convey a feeling to its audience. Are you able to immerse yourself in the image? Can you hear the sounds which surround the image? Can you feel the coldness, the warmth of the day?
Does the image "speak" to you?

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