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Artist's Statement:
To me, painting is an art of time and space. It shows a special moment of a subject which may change or disappear in a short moment.  But that moment and the feeling of an artist towards it will exist in the form of art for a long time.  My work is about my expression and reaction to the subject.  It is those things that catch my eyes - perhaps the light, more often the shadows and changes of value of a place; maybe it is just a feeling that the place or moment gives.  All those things and more give me the desire and need to paint them.  My hope is that my paintings bring a connection to the viewers – be it the expression that I try to capture; a link to a certain moment of their life; or a reminder of appreciation of the natural world around us. 
About the Artist:
I work in traditional oils.  As an artist, I like to use my direct observation to capture and recreate the beauty, charm, and energy of the subjects and landscapes, and express them in some subjective format.  Each of my paintings speaks of a time and place, through the colors and brush strokes that capture an essence that I hope to share with my viewers. 
Growing up in a family environment of artistic expression, my creative energies developed from a young age.  I explored different avenues of creativity by learning different art forms, including visual arts and performance arts.   It was after my first encounter in oil paintings that my hidden passion in this traditional art form emerged.   It was years later that I came to realize how the passion and hard work that I had seen in my father, an art master in his own right, has quietly influenced my own [...]

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