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Scuba diving around the world has been one of my greatest passions. Exploring the secret wonders of the deep blue sea reveals a whole new world. Diving provides me with a deep sense of tranquility. The rich colorful fish are swimming with me as if we were one school. The kelp is dancing with the current, and the sea lions are so playful and enjoying themselves in this beautiful underwater playground.Being absorbed in my inner world allows me the freedom to create and express without limitations or restrictions. My philosophy is simple, if we are passionate about the things that we do, happiness will follow.
My sincerest intention is to excite the hidden desire of adventure in you. It is my hope to bring joy and inspiration into your life through my scuba diving experience and my art. May you become mesmerized and possibly get lost in each image -- with the intensity of the colors, the smoothness and the fluidity of the curves and lines in my artwork. So let your imagination wander........ I invite you to take this fascinating journey with me.
LET'S GO DIVING!!!                       ~Winnie

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