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In Will's words:
"I gravitate towards painting the landscape and its inhabitants as a way of communicating their connection. Painting wildlife and landscapes is more than the interpretation of our surroundings as merely a background to the activities of everyday life. When viewed through the eye of the artist, I hope to see more clearly the beauty and the lessons nature is willing to share with us. I can only humbly try to borrow it for a moment and immortalize it through my work.
By painting the vast world around us, I am ever hoping to capture the purity and the immortality of these wild places. My goal is to relay the emotional and spiritual connection I feel with the environment. For me, painting is more about the dialogue between the artist and the Nature. It is the visual language I use to tell Her story. I want the viewer to consider the importance of these natural places, learn to appreciate them, and ultimately want to help preserve them."

Will's oil paintings are not about the breathtaking vistas or conventional beauty standards, but more about the intimate relationship one has when interacting with the surroundings. To him, it is more important to capture the sense of place than being bogged down with photographic detail. When painting, Will sets about on a journey to capture the emotion of a place at a specific moment in time. Will's mantra is: “ Anything can be technically painted well, but if it does not have emotion, if it does not convey the connection I feel with the subject, it's going to get scraped.”
One way Will has been able to capture this emotional bond is to paint directly from the source, in plein air. There, he is able to find the truth. After majoring in illustration at the University of [...]

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