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William S. Yager was born in Coeymans Hollow, New York, a very small hamlet in the Catskills in June of 1950. There he breathed the same air as Frederick Church and Thomas Cole. He started drawing and painting at a very young age as he played and explored the Hannacroix Creek region.
There was never a question of pursuing a career that was not involved with art, and it was at an exhibition of Walter Launt Palmer that he fell in love with American Impressionism. In addition to Palmer the works of Leonard Baskin, Robert Marx and Jerome Myers were great influences. The works of these great masters etched his path at the ripe old age of 17 to this day.

"I love to work in Plein Air as well as studio, and my thread that keeps it all together is the process. I love showing how one gets there: brushstroke, pencil lines - a fleeing edge.
My mediums have varied over the years with a new respect and excitement for oils in the past two years. The images vary as well, but it is all exploration and manifested thoughts and moments on stone, paper or canvas"


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