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  • FASO Artist Website: http://williamworcester.com/

  • Year Born: 1951

  • I was born in the same town as Ernest Hemingway.

  • My grandparents were artists and met at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.

  • Art is my life and artists like George Inness and Nicolai Fechin are my heroes.

  • Price Range: $250.00 - $5,000.00

The Artist Says:

I work from nature, sketches, photographs, memories and my imagination to create a visual poem.  I work with a minimum of detail and somewhat loosely and intuitively resulting in a series of tonal landscapes mixed with a subtle impressionism. I have been called an abstract Impressionist. For me the end result of the painting process needs to be infused with energy, light and soul.

Collectors Say:

Calm, peace and hope - very masterful work.

Dealers Say:

There is a timelessness about his paintings that is very appealing.

Other Artists Say:

I like the mood of this painting. I have passed this place many many times and Bill really capture the mood of this place.
David Hettinger Oil Painters of America Master Artist


In a William Worcester painting, the serene light of nature is portrayed by canvases of quiet beauty. By subtly altering the shapes of reality, Worcester creates a feeling of being wrapped in the warm glow of the natural landscape.
 "I work from nature to create a visual poem," Worcester says. "A painting leaves more to the imagination than a photograph, work with a minimum of detail and paint somewhat loosely and intuitively." The result is a series of tonal landscapes mixed with a subtle impressionism. "It's all about capturing the light...the light as it moves across the landscape, it's almost spiritual when the land is infused with the glow of twilight." Working as I do I feel an affinity with the great Tonalist painters of the past such as George Inness and Alexander Wyant.
Some of the Illinois artist's landscape paintings depict recognizable places in the Midwest, while others only use locations as a starting point for the artist's vision. Of the latter, Worcester says they arise  from memories and experiences from a lifetime of interacting with the landscape and nature.
"In my paintings I try to go beyond a simple depiction of a place, to explore and capture the experience or feeling that the landscape conveys." he explains. "Many of my landscapes start with sketches, plein air paintings and photos of an actual place, but then I create a painting that evolves the landscape into how I want to see it and not exactly as it appears in the objective world."
Worcester's life as an artist began at a young age. Born in the 1950's in Oak Park, Illinois he showed an aptitude for art in his childhood. As a child he sketched anything within the range of his inquisitive eyes. "My grandfather met my grandmother at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, [...]

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