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Bud White was the top salesman at Campbell Industrial Supply during the late 1950’s. Bud had a habit of bringing home piles of salesman’s note pad to his son Bill White on a regular basis, as much as the boy could handle. The voracious little draftsman would fill sketchpad after sketchpad switching back and forth from full color crayon to graphite portraying his imaginary world of pirate bunny rabbits walking the plank with large toothed monsters lurking below the surface of the water.  Next came  a young boys fascination with Mad magazine, which taught him how to draw caricatures and cartoons.
By the time he was 12 years old he was devoted fan of Norman Rockwell especially after the release of My Adventures As An Illustrator, Rockwell’s autobiography. Sometime in 1960 Bill’s mother wrote to the Saturday Evening Post to ask for permission for Bill to send a portfolio of portraits of Rockwell along with some original early Bill White illustrations. The portfolio was sent and came back about a month later with a two-side hand written letter to Bill from the famous illustrator himself. The letter exists today as a reminder of a dream Bill had of  becoming an illustrator like Rockwell that still influences his painting style today. 
After a brief stint at the University of Washington art school which featured strange conceptual design classes and a modern approach to art he escaped to the world of commercial art. From 1971 to 1996 Bill White created and operated White Sign and Graphic Design. It was primarily a sign and design shop in Seattle Washington wherein Bill specialized in hand painted signs, graphic design, hand carving, advertising design, ad copy, illustration, caricature and cartooning. Using those self developed skills he produced competent and creative work for a vast variety of clients. His [...]

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