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“Artists work with grace like a borrowed tool. In its impracticality art is a living thing: a precious gift beyond everyone’s imagination, especially the artist’s.” 
William began his cultural education early as the Stebe family routinely relocated to diverse places all over the United States and traveled extensively therein plus vacationing in Canada, Mexico, and much of Europe. An appreciation of different customs and mores spurned William on to study art at the Boston Museum School, Tufts University. There he furthered his knowledge of philosophy, advertising, art history, religions, and artmaking by befriending people from all over the world which further solidified his own beliefs.
Art making became a vehicle for an outsider like William to participate in his world around him. His strong background of sculpture and drawing morphed into painting once the association of applying clay and paint became synonymous, figurative gesture moved in the mountains and trees, and values introduced new worlds in shadows where color breathed a new air of sophistication. Painting with oil in the outdoors combined some of William’s passions: camping, motorcycles, hiking, and travel rounded out an accessible lifestyle of social artmaking and exploration. Years of adaptation became part of an undiscovered language which can be partially attributed to prior artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Douglas Fryer, and Donna Clair who incidentally likened painting to stitches used for sewing.  
The process of painting plein aire is to be immersed in the environment, to be vulnerable while telling a personal story of a place. William has lived in the mountain states for several years now. He is a resident of Montana and previously New Mexico. With the help and enthusiasm of his wife Sonja, William continues to paint and explore the western United States in their custom cargo trailer with their pets. 

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