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William Sanderson  1905 - 1990
Born in Dubbeln, near Riga, Latvia in 1905, his personal journey from Czarist Russia, to New York City, and finally to Colorado, is one of remarkable courage and perseverance. Sanderson exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Colorado and the West between 1945 and 1985, and he was voted one of Colorado's influential artists of the 20th Century.
Sanderson's paintings are represented in many museums and are sought after by collectors who appreciate his composition and precise use of color. The year 2005 marked the Centennial of Sanderson's birth, and he is now recognized as a major contributor to the development of modern art in Colorado. As a student at the National Academy of Design in 1927, Sanderson exemplifies an individual dedicated to creativity and the life-long passion for art.
Known primarily as a Colorado artist, Sanderson first developed his skills as a graphic illustrator in New York City, and his work has appeared in numerous magazines, including New Yorker and New Masses. Notable book illustrations include The Jumping Off Place - 1929, by Marion Hurd McNeely, Jews Without Money - 1930, by Michael Gold, and The Black Dog Mystery - 1941, by Ellery Queen Jr.
During WWII, Sanderson was drafted into the Army Air Corps and was stationed at Lowry Field in Denver, Colorado.  Upon being discharged, he began a 26 year teaching career at the University of Denver and continued to paint until 1986.  Sanderson and his wife, Ruth, remained in Colorado for the rest of their lives.
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