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I started painting several years ago and have learned mostly on my own (but what painter has not?) That said, workshops with Bethanne Kinsella Cople, Gavin Brooks, and William Jameson have significantly affected my work. Last summer I began exhibiting in juried shows and received First Prize in the Salem (Virginia) Fine Arts Commission exhibition. In September 2010 I was fortunate to take a workshop with Susan Sarback. She is the finest teacher, in any field, that I have ever had. I no longer wish to paint as I did before, so stay tuned. I paint landscapes near my home in Roanoke, Virginia , both plein air and in studio. My every-day work is as a psychiatrist specializing in the hospital-based treatment of people with severe illnesses, and in teaching medical students and residents. My profession does not foster tranquility. I sincerely hope my paintings do, for you. Warm regards,  Bill

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