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Once upon a time, I wrote an art column for a small local weekly newspaper for four years. During one stretch of articles, I created a hypothetical couple, and followed them through a 24-hour day, commenting on everything they encountered that had the "touch of the artist" upon it, whether fine art, industrial design, architecture, music, advertising, packaging or automobiles. The point was, that there is nothing we do, or touch, or encounter, that has not been graced with the artistic touch, the greatest attribute of mankind being made in God's image--the ability and aptitude to create.
I've worked professionally as an advertising manager, technical illustrator, free-lance graphic designer, ad agency art director, ad agency designer and production artist both hands-on and with computer, copywriter, calligrapher, and fine-artist with landscapes, Americana, Biblical subjects and my favorite, portraits. I've just about done it all at one time or another, and I'm still learning new stuff. I never trained for it; I've just always been able to do it, from the time I was a small child (I'm a "baby-boomer" born in 1949). My dad said I had the artist's "eye". Some would call it a gift, some might say it's a curse, but whatever it is, one fact remains—I'm an artist. I CREATE ART. And, I can't escape it, nor do I want to, because I truly love it; I love it all.
Those who feel the same way and want to communicate, or those who want to order, feel free to contact me:  [email protected]
Thanks, all you other artists who can't escape! Keep slinging paint.
William Michael McCoy 

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