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"Art makes us use our imagination, to see things in a different way; historic art helps us to preserve the past and educate future generations. We are inspired by reading first person accounts and narratives from the 18th Century. Our artwork allows us to share the history we find in our research with the general public, and hopefully inspire them to learn more. By acquiring historic art, people can bring a little bit of a museum home with them."
Pamela and Bryant create original artworks that portray people, scenes and cultures of 18th Century America with a focus on the American Revolutionary War, Colonial America, the French and Indian War and Eastern Woodland Native Americans. They share decades of painting experience as well as involvement historic sites and living history programs.
Some of their clientele include the following:
George Washington's Mount Vernon
Mary Washington College
Colonial Williamsburg
The Citadel
The Ohio State House
Indiana State Museum
STTC Shays' Rebellion Project
Journal of the American Revolution
Muzzleloader Magazine
Early American Life Magazine
Various private collections throughout the United States and Europe.

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