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I have always felt a deep sensitivity towards the people, places and events of 18th Century America. The stories of these events help us reconnect with the past and understand how our country was formed. From the early years of the French and Indian War to the end of the American Revolutionary War, individuals wrote in their diaries and shared letters with information that would later provide details and emotions for historic painters such as myself to paint from. These written descriptions have led me to become involved in living history as a reenactor. To be able to immerse myself in historic events have allowed me to feel some of what my subjects experienced. To eat the same foods, use the same utensils, to wear similar clothing & sleep in the same environment at the original sites have created a familiarity that no amount of reading could give me.  The air becomes salty when cannon are shot, one gets used to a sweaty wool uniform, sleeping in a tent becomes second nature, the camaraderie of an evening campfire, are experiences that have become lost in our society, along with so much of our past, which is why I finally decided to paint history. Painting military and Colonial history, Native Woodland Indians, and American culture allows me to show a well rounded view of the 18th Century in the original 13 states. The ultimate intent of this collection will be to  create an online gallery of visual history for teachers and non-profit organizations to use and as an  inspirational teaching tool.


 I have been an artist as long as I can remember. I realize how fortunate I [...]

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