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The Artist Says:

Visual Art is about the breathe in between things.  It's about that moment when you first glance and something makes you catch your breathe in wonder.


Hi, I'm Wendy.  I've had several careers now, all creative - first as a restaurateur, then an architect, and now also as an artist.  As the youngest child of an artist and carpenter father and a photographer/journalist mother, the creative impulse was ingrained from the start.  Architecture provided a very satisfying outlet (and a roof over my head) for many many years, and still does - for which I'm exceedingly grateful.  It provides daily challenge and stimulation - and rules.  Lots of rules. 
Painting is my free passion, where I don't need permission to express a strawberry sky if that's what I see.  And the way I see that is often in my dreams.  My most satisfying practice is to paint en plein air.  That painting has a life.  Then I paint again using that painting as a source.  The act of re-seeing it simply from the painting embeds it in me and then I wait for the dreams.  If I'm patient (and eat my vegetables), new paintings show up in my dreams, waiting for me to give them life.

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