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Wendy Norton’s fine art is catching the eye of people of all ages and backgrounds.  Her art isn’t just beautiful to look at, it speaks to you, and collectors around the globe are taking notice.  They identify with her, and are inspired by her work.  When you see a Wendy Norton painting you know there is more to it than just paint and canvas.  Wendy Norton’s paintings have a purpose behind them.
When Wendy was asked recently why she paints she replied “I paint because I have to.  I feel it is my true calling and I want to share it with the world. I believe that art has the ability to awaken the soul.  It can be healing, it can stir emotions, and it can uplift one’s spirit.  I believe that art is meant to tap into something deep within.  It should enlighten you and make you “feel”.  Fine art is timeless.  It is not meant to match your pillows or couches, or color swatches that are trending for the year.  A piece of fine art will speak to you.  It will take you to a place where you can lose yourself and dream.  That is what I strive to accomplish in every piece that I paint.
Wendy Norton grew up on the beautiful North Shore of Long Island, New York.  She was surrounded by beautiful coastal scenery as well as the big city. During her childhood she was intuitively drawn to art as a youthful pastime. This lead to learning more about art history, and her favorite artists, by visiting the many museums in the New York area.  She was always captivated by the works of Monet, Hassam, Pissarro, and Van Gogh, and spent countless hours studying these master works.  Her appreciation for the talent, dedication and intensity of the [...]

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