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One of the strongest motivators that drives an artist to create, is the impulse to express and capture the emotional truth to an idea, a place or a time. Wendy Fee’s vibrant, dynamic paintings are her response to the ever-changing landscape of natural elements that inspire her both at home and when travelling.
In 2013, Wendy became a member of The Montreal Art Centre, a community of sixty artists whose studios are located in a historic building in Griffintown, Montreal. This contemporary artist’s abstract works were created in this studio space until July 2018, when she moved to a new location designated as a combined working studio and commercial space. In collaboration with her daughter, Artist Generations was launched, a company that features their individual art work on a collection of lifestyle clothing pieces as wearable art.
Wendy has been expressing herself artistically for over thirty years, yet the path to pursue art on a professional level has been as unpredictable and flowing as the paint that washes over her canvases.
Sketching and drawing in her formative years, after graduating high school she was accepted to Goddard College in Vermont, a “one of a kind institution of higher education with a history of creativity and chaos, invention and experimentation.” Being part of a free-spirited generation, Wendy declined the opportunity in favour of travel and experiencing “life”. Her husband of more than thirty-five years, together have since raised a wonderful family, pursued careers and have never taken opportunities and good fortune for granted.
Originally from Montreal, Wendy obtained an Executive MBA from Athabasca University in Alberta and a Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management from Fitzwilliam Institute in Dublin, Ireland.  She enjoyed a successful career as a Senior Sales and Marketing Manager in the health care industry before deciding to launch her own event planning business in [...]

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