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Anne Wedler, BFA (oil painter)

I love the outdoors, the drama of landscapes and painting en plein air. I am interested in the play of light across the land and sea. The bold shapes of islands,  rocks and trees have been imprinted on me when I was very young. My main influences have been the Canadian Group of Seven as well as Impressionist Painters and Plein Air from around the world. My goal in painting is to express the excitement I feel from a landscape, using bold brushstrokes and vivid colours in oils. I want to capture the essence of the land in all it's changing moods.
I find energy from the landscape that no photo or studio can give me. I love to be outdoors, the freedom to be immersed in nature. The process of painting is a solitary one, so when " in the zone" I feel deeply connected to the place. Senses are awakened. I observe, see, feel, relate to where I am. Further, I appreciate and vividly remember every day painting outdoors. It's imprinted into my memory, like no other. I guess it's like "slow travel" and, if I am lucky, I recreate my relationship with that place in my painting. Sometimes, my paintings are successful and sometimes not.

Edward Wedler, DTM (watercolour painter)


Each day brings us something new to discover and enjoy. For me, it could be a humorous story told, an artist's fresh-off-the-easel painting, a scientific breakthrough, a clever line of computer code, some cool Latin jazz, a shared recipe, a rare eagle putt, a discovered trail, or a special smile.
My passion is to explore and interpret our urban and rural landscapes through watercolour eyes, en plein air -- with a splash of ink and a dash of mixed media. I love the left-brain-right-brain dance and spontaneity [...]

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