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As a Colorado pastel artist, Wayne is captivated by the element of risk taking and the challenge of resolving the many decisions that go into creating a painting.  This is particularly the case in plein air painting where the circumstances outdoors compound the process.  Painting outdoors only gives the artist a shortime due to weather and lighting conditions to get it right. Once a landscape setting inspires Wayne, he thoroughly enjoys interpreting what he sees into a painting.  Many of he scenes selected may go unnoticed by the casual observer.  "Often, the simple beauty of nature is overlooked."  For Wayne, that beauty can be easily found in the different textures in leaves and grasses or the subtleness of light and shadow.  His sense of enjoyment in his subject matter is evident.
People who acquire Wayne's paintings discover something that connects them with nature.  It is this personal connection that the artist wants them to take with them, something uniquely theirs.

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