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Warren Alan Jackson
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My inspiration to create art began with the blessing to recognize the skills of artistry at a very early age. I dictate visual language relating specifically to realist paintings implying order and deploying precise dictation, further observation will reward the viewers understanding of my work.  I incorporate several domains, and provocative subjects, inspiring stories in particular situations. The boundary of likeness is expected in further viewing, and my method is to redefine the order of painting with watercolor techniques and to create the textures resembling other mediums but maintaining the identity. My interest in art was cultivated by my cousins Georgia Jessup, during my Middle and High School years, she was my true Master of instruction, and it is to her that I owe the real education of my creative eye, and her daughter Rose Powhatan continued her unsparing instructions during my High School years. My potential under her instructions provided a high level of accuracy. One of the portrait drawings done in pencil that I created while enrolled in my cousin's class was displayed at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C., commission a couple of murals over Baptism pools. During my years in college, Advertising & Design was my major.  My other artistic interest was to design an exclusive Men's Wear Accessories line with my label, which became a reality at my store. Designing neckwear allowed me to interact with my other interest, and to create wearable art. Two cash Awards for Protect Habitat Save the Planet, Avant Garde gallery, P. Street gallery, Pepco Edison Gallery, Art League gallery, Touchstone gallery, Children Hospital exhibition, Hill Center gallery, and the Art & Cultural Heritage Fair. Solo exhibition at Atkinson O'Rourke gallery, and (Three Juror's Choice Awards] at Montpellier Art Center gallery, and exhibited at Latham & Watkins Law firm.  I am [...]

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