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Walt has always wanted to be a fine artist. It just took him three careers to get there.
He started his professional art career as an advertising art director in New York City creating print and TV ads while working with photographers, illustrators, editors and film crews throughout the US, Canada, Europe and South America. After years of working on large projects involving dozens of professionals, and spending more time in meetings and less time involved in the creative process, he longed to be more hands on in the production of his work.
In 2008, Walt made a major career change and became a 3D computer animator. He had worked with animators throughout his advertising career and marveled at their craft. Self-taught, Walt spent the next 10 years as an independent computer animator working with production companies and advertising agencies in NYC.
But that life-long urge to paint had never left him; and several years ago he picked up his paint brushes in the pursuit of creating fine art.
Walt specializes in landscape paintings and draws inspiration from his travels in the U.S. and abroad. He has painted scenes from Scotland, Ireland, Italy, France, Portugal, Hungary, Brazil and across America from San Francisco to New York. He has also developed an interest in recreating historical scenes. Walt is currently engaged in painting a series of early aviation paintings beginning with Charles Lindbergh’s historical solo transatlantic flight, which started just minutes from Walt’s home on Long Island, NY.  He relies on a 3D animator’s understanding of staging, texturing and lighting to create a unique interpretation of his subject matter.
Walt doesn’t profess to have a particular artistic mission. He simply paints what inspires him. It could be a shadow pattern on 34th Street in Manhattan, or a cluster of fishing boats in Sorrento, Italy. All he knows [...]

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