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their essence...one brushstroke at a time"
A South Florida native, it would soon be revealed that he possessed a special gift at an early age. As he matured, he continued to excel at art but never really viewed fine art as a viable career option. Upon receiving his AA at a local junior college, he chose Florida State University where he completed his education in graphic design and fine art. Shortly after, he began working as a free lance graphic designer.
In 1991 Walt was stricken with a stress related condition known as spastic dysphonia. This would lead to losing his ability to speak. After voice rest and seeing the best ENT’s in the country, Peterson was faced was faced with a ‘game changer’.  He came to the realization that it was time to defer to his God given talent.  His transition into fine art portraiture required much less talking and more time working in solitude in the studio honing his skills. His passion drove his perseverance, paired with thousands of hours crafting his technique, allowing Walt to develop a lifelike realistic style.
For nearly 4 years, Walt’s voice sounded like he had a terrible case of laryngitis and it was painful to speak for any length of time.  Then just as mysteriously as he lost it, his voice returned!  By that time, he had a handsome backlog of commissions and truly felt blessed. It was clear now, this would be his path and he was right where he was supposed to be, creating beautiful works that would bring joy and good feelings to all that see it!
In 2007 he relocated back to Boca Raton, Florida from Atlanta, to be close his family. Looking to diversify and add a little variety to his portrait work, Walt created a small body of marine art, capturing both [...]

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