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My interest in art probably started in grade school where I was routinely chided for drawing things during class. These were usually airplanes and the like.   I continued to draw things on and off for a long time after that but, ironically, I never took an actual art course in my entire educational career (which includes Masters degrees in Engineering and Business) or later when I was involved in my long career in engineering and then business.
In 2003, I left my career in business after 35 years with some frustration.  It was no longer rewarding for a lot of reasons, and I really wanted something creative to do.  I wandered into a bookstore one evening and happened upon an meeting of poets who were reading their works and I was fascinated.  So I stayed and listened until they were done.  These were regular people who wrote some quite beautiful words and I was drawn to their creativity.   I wanted to do something like that, but I was no creative writer so what should it be?  Since I had been dabbling with this art thing I decided to try it.  I pulled out an old book on drawing that I had kept around since the 70’s and began to draw virtually every day based on the lessons in the book.  I did that for nearly a year.  In 2004, I began to study with Danila Rumold, an abstract painter in Seattle , who helped me to master the basics of making art and introduced me to charcoal, ink, water color and oil painting.  Danila is a young woman of great depth, and we endlessly philosophized about art as well as working at it.  It was a fortunate beginning because I have always felt that art is more than just technique and with Danila I found that to be [...]

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