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  • FASO Artist Website: http://walkerstevensfineart.com/

  • Year Born: 1945

  • Almost always uses: Mixed-Media, Multiple-Mediums, & Mixed Disciplines in every work of art he creates

  • He has been a full-time artist for several years, but began sketching and painting over 60 years ago.

  • He says he almost always has a camera to "catch those unexpected" artistic opportunities.

  • Price Range: $600.00 - $40,000.00

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The Artist Says:

Art is God's way of telling us to: think, reason, experience, accept, and enjoy the beautiful world HE created for us.


An Internationally recognized artist, Walker Stevens has led a very unique life, to say the least. His art is based on many of his worldly travels and adventures; and, sometimes Walker refers to the more than 150,000 photographs he's taken. Walker's Artwork is almost as unique as his life has been. Walker's been an artist most of his life, though he's never had any formal training; almost always, he mixes media, mediums, and disciplines in the same work.  Once Walker has created a work of art, he photographs it, saves a digital photo to his computer, re-sizes it, adjusts for exposure, light refraction, color conversion, etc., and uses it for reprinting Ltd 1st Ed. Giclees & Inkjet Prints on Canvas, Silk Laminate & Watercolor Board.  Whether he's working or playing, Walker almost always carries "....at least one camera. Leaving home without a camera, would be like forgetting my wife on our honeymoon, ha ha, ha."  
Although in his mid-70's, many think Walker is still in his early 60's; Walker says,  "That's because I'm too busy to slow down, ha ha." Walker loves trying new techniques, and pushing the envelope, when it comes to creating a work of art. "They call it W-O-R-K of art, because it takes some work on the artist's part to create the 'magic' people want to see hanging on the wall." 
Walker markets Originals, Giclees, and Limited 1st Edition Prints  (signed & numbered), Limited 1st Edition Photo Prints, and Very Limited Artist's Proofs on Canvas, Silk Laminate, and Watercolor Board. His Limited First Edition Giclee Canvas, Silk Lam, & WCB Prints are limited to 250 each, per size, as are his Photo Prints. He is also now marketing Open Edition Prints, Greeting Cards, in selected retail outlets, & through Architects, Builders, Interior Decorators, Interior Designers, & Home/Business Furnishers.
Walker has perfected a 'specialized' [...]

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