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I am a full time aviation artist working primarily in oil and pencil. My primary goal is to seamlessly combine the disciplines of historian and artist to produce what I like to call 'single-frame movies' depicting past actions that may have escaped the photographer's lens, or were generally impossible to record on film.


An Army brat, Wade Meyers spent his early years at Fort Bragg, North Carolina before his family moved to Bossier City, Louisiana when he was ten years old. Fulfilling a dream, Wade soloed a mighty Cessna 150 at age 17 and went on to earn his Private Pilot certificate with Instrument Rating and later his Commercial and Flight Instructor (CFI) pilot certificates. After high school, he earned a B.A. in History in 1987 from Louisiana State University in Shreveport while serving as a reservist with the 47th Tactical Fighter Squadron (USAFR) at Barksdale Air Force Base.
1998 and his mid-30s saw a move to the beautiful Birmingham, Alabama area, just about the time he was revisiting a nearly forgotten art passion.  A strong grounding in drawing in college was countered by little experience painting in color.  Determined to at least understand, if not master, painting's subtle quirks and complexity, he studied art books and tried to 'unlayer' the work of others.  The learning curve was steep, and actual ability to apply the acquired knowledge was slow in coming, but progress was being made.  Then, after much soul-searching and a few promising commissions in hand, Wade jumped off the deep end and quit his job at an aviation museum in 2003 and began to work full time as an aviation artist. He started lining up commissions immediately, and to this day his work is 95% commission-driven.Along with his painting, Wade has penned Perspective Projection by Descriptive Geometry: A Manual for the Artist, a popular guide that explains the secrets behind this versatile technical drawing system that is almost a lost art in the computer age.  The Yielding Sky - Paintings and Drawings by Wade Meyers, published as a limited edition in 2015, showcases many of his best drawings and paintings to that date.  Details for both books can [...]

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