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Vondle Shipley has always had a drive to create artistic works that speak to the viewer on both a conscious and subconscious level.  As a psychologist and artist, she understands the importance of light and color to the human psyche.  She strives for light to permeate her landscapes: for trees to glow, for water to sparkle, for sun-bathed surfaces to sizzle, for deep multi-hued shadows to play across the landscape. 
She has a self-professed love affair with mountains. Growing up on a farm at the foot of English Mountain, one of the most beautiful ranges in the Great Smokies, left an indelible stamp on her soul.  It is probably for this reason that the mountains of both the Eastern and Western United States and Canada often serve as the inspiration for her canvases.  “Light playing across a mountain can change by the second. I love trying to capture that in my paintings, an impossibly beautiful image that was only visible for a fleeting second.”  
While artistic expression has always played an important role in her life, she struggled for many years to find the perfect medium and, by turn, tried her hand at copper sculptures, photography and hand-tinted black and white portraits. However, from the first moment she put oil to canvas under the tutelage of the talented international artist Soo Cha, she knew her journey was over.
Today, she is producing works that have been heavily influenced by some of this generation’s most beloved landscape impressionists: James Richards, Bill Davidson, Kathleen Dunphy and Alexi Zaitsev.  From each she has taken an element of style or palette or composition, while seeking to create a vision that is uniquely her own.
Vondle has been privileged to teach AP psychology at Oak Ridge High School to some of the brightest minds in America. “Years of working with [...]

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