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“Vlad Yeliseyev is no stranger to beautiful scenery. In fact, he’s traveled around the world to paint interesting cityscapes and landscapes. But unlike many artists who are drawn to a postcard-perfect site, Yeliseyev usually can be found around the back of a building, along the street or in an alleyway, capturing commonplace scenes," wrote BJ Foreman in her article "Everyday Poetry" in the Watercolor Artist Magazine (Feb.2016). The Russian émigré came to the Unites States in the 1980s equipped with a classical art education from Moscow School of Art and a Master’s Degree in architecture from the Moscow Institute of Architecture. Now a renowned watercolor and plein air artist, his paintings are in personal and commercial collections worldwide.

Vladislav currently works from his studio in Sarasota, Florida, where he spends most of the day painting. “I am a constant student of my craft,” he admits. His work is often praised for his unique ability to reflect light in his paintings. Critics noted his bold brushwork, expert loose color passages, and crisp well edited calligraphy in his paintings.  To achieve this affect, Vladislav (Vlad) prefers to use rough watercolor paper and combinations of brush techniques. “The challenge with watercolor,” Vlad explains, “is to achieve richness in color and not to lose the transparency.”  With painstaking use of limited brushwork in his art, Vlad creates paintings which give a sense of depicted objects rather than their details, while maintaining the transparent colors unique to watercolor.  “I use a palette of warm colors a lot, like ochre and burnt umber,” says Vlad. “I now just use 15 colors in my palette.”  Look for his favorite colors – burnt sienna, cobalt turquoise, gold ochre – in the majority of his artwork.  

“There should be something not said in a painting, something that gives the luxury of interpretation to the viewer. And there lies the poetry”, he says “Poetry [...]

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