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The Artist Says:

I resonate with a thought that “reality escapes us every moment of our life and that it is a worthwhile effort to try to capture its fleeting moments, even though it is likely impossible to succeed.” 
These attempts are before you, as …sensitive plates of what I had seen or the intimate diary of my feelings before the easel.

Collectors Say:

I am the happy collector who already has three of your paintings on the walls of my house. Tell me, I would like to know if the painting “Moment II” is still available and in which gallery can I find it? Thank you.
- Sylvain White

Dealers Say:

Collectors and enthusiasts of Vladan’s work ask, time and again, who is the woman in all of his pieces? “She is a self-portrait of everyone”, explains the artist, “she is someone that I am searching for, not literally, but through the process of discovery and exploration as I paint”.
His style and approach defends the two-dimensional quality of a painting. He makes the viewer want to pause, and look twice. His best pieces should guide your eye on an emotional journey around the painting.
In fact, the painter’s willowy, serene-faced female figures seem to speak to this intimate and symbiotic process. Always wrapped in the warm light of his Mediterranean palette, Ignatovic’s subjects seem to have been conjured almost unwillingly from quiet repose and private reflection to engage us in a powerful dialogue of their own.
Davida Aronovitch
Envers Chapin Gallery, Toronto
Oftentimes, Ignatovic’s figures become his companions of sorts. “I create from within,” the artist explains. “The figure is a portrayal of a search that starts inside and ends, if it ever does, deeper inward. Since I dislike the long monologues, I create a companion to whom I can ‘talk.’ This dialogue can be very real sometimes.”
Influenced by traditional art, Ignatovic says he is constantly challenging himself by pushing his own boundaries, partly because the world is in such a state of dynamic change. “Inspiration comes from everyday life, from a sunny day, from something I read, from a chat with a friend with positive vibrations,” he says. “Every now and then, I spot an inspiring pose in a passerby. However, I have learned that the inspiration is not quite necessary. When I approach the canvas with a prosaic state of mind, more often than not, the outcome finds the balance by itself.”
Jane Hart
Art Business News, February 2009
Formally, Vladan unites the viewer to his subject matter through his emphatic use of color and light. The thick impasto oil painting technique emphasizes the two-dimensional quality of his work - abstaining from any illusions. Vladan's attention to the media itself is quite conscious and self-referential. Using a palette inspired from the colors of the Mediterranean, Vladan creates the varying moods and tones of his works -from joy and warmth to cool reflection and introspection. He paints intuitively, trusting in his own vision and execution. Often one finds large areas of contemplative space on his canvas that he describes as "sensual and warm". Unlike some figurative painters, Vladan's portrayals of women are less subjective. Vladan honours women in his works but they are not portraits. Essentially they are who he sees when he closes his eyes, archetypes of femininity with humanistic recognition. According to Vladan "If there is a word to describe my work, it is dignity".
Frame Of Mind Gallery, Toronto
His canvases are timeless reflections of his personal perception of reality. Vladan takes inspiration from his own imagination, quick sketches, the history of art, philosophy and poetry. He finds that almost anything with a spiritual content can be a source of inspiration. This is probably the secret of the unexplainable magnificence in his works.
Katherine Senko
Honeymoon Magazine, March 2018


Born in Serbia in 1955, I attended the Academy of Art in Belgrade but did not graduate. After arriving in Toronto in 1993, I began painting murals for commercial and residential spaces. Soon thereafter, I started painting animation backgrounds, and I am still into it on a contractual basis. I have also been instructing, in the Max the Mutt College, Toronto, and the Visual Arts Mississauga.
In my work, I have always been attracted by the elegance of the female figure. For me, it is the essence of humanity rather than an individual woman. I also enjoy creating landscapes, abstract paintings, and portraiture.
I have been fortunate to have my work shown in galleries around Canada, USA, and the UK. Here is the list of my recent solo shows:
2014 UNCONVENTIONAL VENUS - HoFP Gallery, Columbia, SC  USA
2008 LINEAR CONVERSATIONS - Envers Chapin Gallery, Toronto, ON  Canada
2008 Bohemia Galleries, Gillygate, York,  England
2008 RED VIBRATION - Onessimo Fine Art, Palm Beach Gardens, FL  USA
2008 Paradise Gallery, Sarasota, FL  USA
2006 ONE MAN'S WOMEN - HoFP Gallery, Columbia, SC  USA
2005 Artists Of the World, Calgary, AB  Canada
2005 EVIDENCE OF HER - Envers Chapin Gallery, Toronto, ON  Canada
2003 SAVOIR FAIRE - HoFP Gallery, Columbia, SC  USA
1999 Praxis Gallery, Toronto, ON  Canada

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