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I was born in Manila, Philippines and now live in Arizona. I acquired a BS in Business Management and ran the family business until my siblings were old enough to take over. I went to Chicago and acquired a MS in Computer Science at Illinois Institute of Technology. I became a software engineer specializing in developing C code for devices and networks.
I have always been interested in art. In Chicago, I took Saturday classes at the American Academy of Art. In Scottsdale I attended some workshops at the Scottsdale Art School. Best instructor I met there is Casey Baugh. I am mostly self taught, from reading art books, looking at art, and (sometimes) listening to the instructor.
I work in oils and have always been interested in art. I retired from software engineering in 2017 in order to devote my time to painting. This coincides with the birth of grandchildren to whom I wish to leave a tangible legacy.
Art and Engineering both search for perfection. In Engineering, the goal is simpler,  “It works or it does not”. Art is more elusive. It may “work” for one person but not for the other. As an artist, I have to reach inside myself, listen to myself and grow. The growth is never ending, the work is always changing (like an artist statement).

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