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my name is Vitalii, I am artist from Vancouver WA.
 I've been living and working in US for a few years, but I was born and grew up in Ukraine. There had launched my creative way, which started from children art school, later I have graduated Kyiv Art-Industrial College , and after- Kyiv Institute of Decorative-Applied Art and Design named M. Boichuk.
 My favorite materials for work - it is oil and watercolors, favorite subjects - landscape, flowers, still life. Also, I like to work with non-figurative abstraction, as form of clean emotionality in colors .In my artworks I try to express all my vision and feeling of surrounding world , that gives to my intuition primary information and ideas for inspiration, that later transforms in shapes, color combinations, a bit unrealistic forms and spaces . On my opinion, art - is it best method to reveal hidden and invisible sides of our real world, and to show people all of that by another way - by art language, in my case - with colors, strokes, rhythms of shapes .

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