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The Virginia Plein Air Painters is a group of artists who enjoy the outdoors and painting in the plein air style. Plein air painting is painting that is nearly completed on site in a short period of time. The artist attempts to capture local color and environment in a loose, but informative style. Paintings are typically small and colors are often vivid. The Virginia Plein Air Painters is a group of dedicated artists committed to communicating the value of local, spontaneous art that captures the emotion of the moment. These artists work together to support one another to grow as creative individuals. The Virginia Plein Air Painters encourages broad-based participation and welcomes all. Membership is voluntary and elective. There is no traditional administrative structure, and communications are via email. Members plan paint outs, and minimal attendance is required. For 2019, we had about 150 members on our notification roll.  We welcome new locations for our paint outs and new participants in our events.
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