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I've been a watercolorist for the past two decades which is the culmination of a lifetime of an artistic bent.  My first love as a child was anything to do with art and that love continued through college.  I was an art major at Wenatchee Valley College and The University of Mexico at Mexico City and then came to the hard realization my life required money.  Between a job and then family, my art was shuffled off to the side and appeared only in the occasional craft project or drawings.  Once I retired and my children left home I had the time and the space to return to my first love.
After moving from Canada to Bellingham in 1999 I studied under Bellingham artists/illustrator Mary Greg-Byrne for several years while she nurtured my techniques for the oft-difficult watercolors.  I have shown my art at The Arts Street Festival in Bellingham for several years as well as in shows at the Blue Horse Gallery.  Art is a pleasure for me and I love to share it with others.
I have restricted myself to transparent watercolors even though they often have a mind of their own because I love how the light reflects through the color and gives the painting more life.  As much as I'm drawn by color, light plays a major part in my work so reflections are particularly attractive to me.  
Transparent watercolor seems to speak my language.  I hope others can ‘hear’ it too.

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