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Artist’s statement:  Although I am interested in many subjects, my prime focus is to paint the industrial history of the Pittsburgh area in the positive light it deserves.  With my paintings, I hope to pay tribute to the workers and their families.  Politicians and the barons of industry receive the notoriety, but without the blue-collar workers laboring with their hands nothing gets done.
The current “politically correct” view of our past, which myopically focuses on pollution, ignores that Pittsburgh’s smoke improved life in America, Europe and elsewhere.  Many workers did not finish high school or were illiterate, yet hundreds of thousands of their kids went to college.  The factories were the economic engine that produced the area’s great universities, world class hospitals, skyscrapers, sports arenas, large country parks and other amenities which we enjoy today.  Honoring the contribution of those who came before us empowers and strengthens the souls of today.
Short biography:  Vince Ornato has made a full-time living drawing and painting for over 30 years.  He started as a sketch-portrait artist, graphic designer and sign painter, before selling his own personal work.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Pitt in English Writing, and Rhetoric, and is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s Evening School.  His art studies continued with persistent practice and by taking workshops with prominent artists, most notably Daniel Greene from New York, for whom he worked as a classroom assistant. 
He had a one-person show at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and has exhibited at a large number of local galleries and shops.  He sells his paintings and prints in the area’s major festival, from his home studio in Northside and over the internet.  Commissions are accepted.
Vince has taught at Seton Hill University, and conducted workshops and done demonstrations for various art groups, including the [...]

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