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I studied painting and drawing with many art teachers for decades. I met Roger Armstrong almost twenty years ago, a master artist and infamous cartoonist. He became my most important life mentor, not just with art technique, but with my inner creative voice. I threw away my bonds to perfectionism and opened the door to explore art in many approaches. He would say " It's just  paper and paint... Why not just see what direction you can go?" Thanks to Roger's continual urging,  much of my work reflects a sense of looseness and freedom. 
  To encourage creativity, I walk daily and absorb the sounds, sights and smells of the world.   I watch light shift from morning into night and how it tosses golden hues onto the blue greys of a white birch.  What happens to that hue when in mixes with the earthiness of foliage or the rolling of the ocean?  Is the world cold or warm this day,? Are insects biting me or attracted to my palette? What does  the area smell like? What sounds are around me? Do I hear the clicks of a jaybird or a gull laugh? Are waves crashing or lapping? Sketchbooks fill with my intakes and my camera bursts with references. As I paint outdoors, my experience passes from the brush onto the canvas.
  Water and atmosphere fascinate me with its constant morphing:  the stillness in a mountain lake,  pounding surf of the ocean, the transformation into mist, rain, or snow. Active water cuts into the earth and transforms the landscape, at times in beauty or often in brutality as with tidal marshes or raging rivers.  A Thunderstorm embroils across the sea. I want to capture this.
I'm also drawn to old giant trees textured with wrinkled bark or young supple saplings compete together to meet [...]

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