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I have spent most of my life creating images from nature. Whether the light reflecting on a mountain lake, or in the eyes of a fox, the natural world has always spoken to me.
From the time I picked up my first crayon as a small child I have been drawing, then painting animals. Dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, deer, foxes, birds - everything from family pets to the animals in nature all around me. But, having been owned by dogs as long as I can remember, I always come back to dogs.
Years ago I was invited to display my dog paintings at the opening meet of the Tennessee Valley Hunt and it became, for many years, a fall tradition for me. With hounds and horses milling about, it provided a wonderful opportunity to take reference photos for future paintings.
The first few years I focused on photographing the horses and riders, but with each succeeding year I became more and more inspired by the hounds. I have taken hundreds of photographs of the hounds at the opening meet each year and on hound walks with the huntsman.
I am continually fascinated with them. Their connections with each other and their bond with the huntsman is an amazing thing to watch. From these photographs came my solo exhibition: 
                                                                                              "It's About the Hounds"  

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