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Victoria Page was probably named after the tragic ballerina heroine in the 1948 award winning cinematic masterpiece “The Red Shoes”. She is now spends her life embracing her artistic passion while avoiding train platforms, and mesmerizes viewers with her colorful and moody paintings of pop culture, people and animals.
After dropping out of art school, she turned a fixation on kinetic sculpture into an I/T career at a Fortune 500 company while simultaneously becoming a US Army Aviation pilot. As an admitted recovering adrenaline junkie, she has jumped out of airplanes, bungied off bridges, driven motorcycles at excessive rates of speed and unapologetically snuck onto a Hollywood film set. Her risk taking has informed her art, blissfully allowing her to ignore her ego’s cries to do ‘serious work’.  
Victoria lives in Dubai with her family and one irascible ginger rescue cat. She frequently travels to India, believes in divine guidance and in the interconnectedness of things.

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