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            Ms Moore  defines herself as an Abstract Expressionist.  Her work utilizes the underlying current of nature's power in wind and sea, creating decades of powerful paintings.  Her works reflect the emotional and visceral memories of experiencing the beauty, power, and magic of nature rather than recording the literal vistas she sees.   In her more meditative pieces, linear divisions become mesmerizing depths, and the spontaneous fluidity of color is reminiscent of  continually shifting reflections of light on water.  Growing up in Florida, Victoria’s creative influences come mainly from the Gulf of Mexico.
        As an art student at Florida State University, Victoria studied painting and art history in Florence, Italy her sophomore year.  the masters of the Renaissance was taken to another level as the Arno river flooded the entire city and important museums and churches were engulfed with water.  Victoria was among the students dubbed the ‘mud angels’ for their tireless work in removing priceless works of art and books from the water and mud that consumed the Uffizi Gallery and other museums.  She continued studying and visiting world class museums throughout Western and Eastern Europe.
          After returning to the United States, Victoria studied at the Art Student League in New York City with abstract artists Leo Manso and Knox Martin.  Other well known artists, admired by Ms Moore, who studied and taught at The League are:  Jackson Pollock, Robert Rauschenberg, Mark Rothko, and Georgia O'Keefe.
          Ms Moore has worked extensively with many important architects who have commissioned her to create large scale works, enhancing their bold architectural spaces.  She enjoys bringing the power of nature captured in her paintings into their often visionary designs.   

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