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Victoria has been drawing all her life (80 years).  She has had no formal art instruction until recently -- but has studied many art instruction books by Richard Schmidt, Paul Strisik, Bob Kuhn, John Carlson, and many others.  She has also taken a few weekend workshops.
The last two years, she is studying through Phil Starke's online classes.  She prefers acrylics and is studying techniques in that medium in Jerry Yarnell's online class, too.
She has had mostly an outdoor life in her past, that has her appreciate the landscapes, ranch life, and animal and human portraits.
She paints "As I See It", painting whatever sparks her interest, which presents her with many diverse subjects!
She usually paints with acrylics, using them as opaque and watercolor techniques, but occasionally works with pastels.  She has illustrated several books with pen and ink sketches.  In addition to painting, she produces fiber arts -- knitting, quilting, sewing, etc.
She's proud to be a lifelong learner!
A quote from one of her collectors:  "Victoria has the unique ability to create landscapes and images that evoke a feeling, a time, and a place.  Her art is very settling and breathes life to places or things that may be otherwise overlooked."

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