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From the time Victoria was five years old, her mother was a professional florist. As a result, an appreciation for flowers was cultivated at an early age.  However, a profound love and deep admiration for botanicals further developed when her parents opened a floral and gift store years later. Being amidst countless varieties of flowers created a great respect and wonder for each flower’s uniqueness and beauty. Therefore, it was not surprising Botanical Art sparked these innate emotions and gave her a channel to combine both her love for botanicals and love of art. Victoria graduated from U.C. Berkeley with Bachelors in both Fine Art and English. She worked with different mediums including charcoal, graphite, colored pencil, pastels, watercolor and acrylic. Eventually she returned to colored pencil in 2010 when Botanical Art entered her world. She found colored pencil to be her medium of choice for illustrating the myriad of detail and complex colors in her botanical subjects.  It is this attention to detail, use of multiple layers and color complexity which is a trademark of her work. Working from live as much as possible and with the seasons, Victoria closely studies her subject. She then takes the time to slowly build up her colors and add in the details. It is not uncommon for Victoria to work weeks to months on a single piece. For Victoria it is not about speed, but about accuracy, authenticity, discovery and capturing the spirit of the botanical. "I am always amazed and in awe with the amount of intricacy, complexity and beauty within the botanical world" Victoria states. "While one might first see beauty in a certain botanical object, beneath this beauty remain many integral parts. Parts such as the stamen, pistil, and leaves may first go unnoticed, but with a bit more inspection, [...]

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